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McBride's Treasure

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

How far will a woman go to protect her family?

Rebecca McBride has faced danger before but this time her whole family is threatened. How can she defeat two criminals who want the whole of her family dead and claim their land. Murder and attempted murder shows that Colonial Australia has always had its dangers but this is a fight to the end. Can she win her battle and ensure her own happiness at the same time with a man who knows her past but is willing to forgive.


Rebecca slowly dismounted as Lynch stepped down and took the rifle from her saddle.

Now lets find some trees to stake her out, said Lynch looking around.

Over there, said Campbell pointing to some small trees only ten yards off the track. Now do you want to strip or do you want us to tear your clothes off.

Rebecca looked around seeking an escape but none appeared.

Slowly Rebecca, said Campbell as he too dismounted. We want to watch.

You wont get away with this you scum, she said trying to look unafraid without much success.

But we will. No one knows we are out here at this time of night. Theres no one to help and well be making pigs of ourselves wont we, Ralph?

Cant wait, said Lynch opening his fly and taking out his penis. Have a look at whats in store for you.

Rebecca slowly removed her coat, then her dress as they grinned at her near nakedness. She stood in her undergarments as they leered at her.

Now the rest Rebecca, said Campbell enjoying her position of helplessness.

She knew she had to do something and do it quick. Once they had her staked out it would be the end. She could see Campbells crotch was beginning to swell through his trousers.

They all heard the whirring noise of the spear as it flew through the air. It missed Lynch by inches, thudded into a tree and both men fell to the ground with no idea where it had come from, each peering into the darkness but seeing nothing.

Nothing to lose, she thought and threw her dress at Campbell, turned and ran to the river only five yards away. It took both of them by surprise and they didnt want to shoot her and spoil the fun. Rebecca dived into the river and disappeared under the water. Soon she was out in the middle of the river and could barely see them on the bank.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724130
Genre: Western
Date Published: 06/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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