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Knights Bore Arms Series, Book 1, Sir Ralph

Author(s): Ellen Margret

Sir Ralph

Knights Bore Arms - Book One

by Ellen Margret

Her guardian treated Katherine as a skivvy, although she was a lady of noble birth. In an attempt to be rid of her, he offered Katherine as the prize in a jousting tournament. Ralph intended to win that prize. No other man would have the woman he had always loved.


He had been holding his breath and enjoying the feel of the cool water on his hot body. Suddenly there were hands tugging at his arms trying to lift him. He got a lungful of water as he sat up which made him cough and, in response to that, he felt a hand slap him hard between the shoulder blades.

“Take deep breaths. Thank goodness I was close by.”

She certainly was close by and, to get a better look at her heaving, wet, cleavage, Ralph rubbed his eyes.

She slapped his back again. “You were drowning. I had to save you.”

His eyes remained glued to her cleavage and he watched in awe as rivulets of water trickled down over the swell of her beautiful breasts.

“Did you hear me? I said you were drowning.”

He knew he should not have drunk all the wine. It had taken away his caution. “Katherine, the only thing I want to drown in is your breasts. I would thus expire the happiest man on earth.”

Her gasp was loud. “You beast. You tricked me into saving you.”

He touched her nipples through the wet fabric of her thin undergarment. “I did not trick you. I swear that I had no idea you were here. Also, I did not need saving, but, by God, you might,” he said throatily.

“You brute!” She beat her hands upon his chest.

He suddenly cupped her head and kissed her. He did not feel like being gentle and he wasn't. His kiss was hard and long and deep. Then his hands grabbed the bodice of her undergarment and he rent it open so that her pink-tipped breasts came fully into view. So tempting were they that there was no way he could stop himself from kissing them both, very thoroughly.
“I came to help you and this is how you repay me!”

Her words sank in and he knew she was right. “Forgive me; I should not have done that.” Ralph got up and helped Katherine to her feet. She rose from the water like some water sprite, all curves and pretty pink skin. “I am sorry. I drank too much wine.”

She put her hands on her hips. “Do you really intend to wed me upon the morrow?”

He saw that she was talking, not to his face, but to his shaft. He put his finger under her chin and tilted her head up.
“Katherine, I am here.”

“What? Oh.”

“Avert your eyes if that part of me offends you.”

“I cannot lie. That does not offend me. I am amazed by how rapidly it has grown. Does it do that often?”

He gave a burst of laughter and held his pulsing member in his right hand. “It does this only when I am aroused.”

“So, you are aroused now?”

“Ye gods, of course I am aroused now. I am staring at a naked woman and she is the loveliest thing on God's earth.”

“Let me repeat my question. Do you intend to wed me upon the morrow?”

“Aye, of course I do.”

She gestured to her dripping body. “Then you may take me.”

How he wanted to do just that. “Do you want me to take you?”

“I like your body.”

“Do you like me?”

She did not immediately answer.

He saw the truth in her protracted moment of pause. “Nay, you do not like me. You despise me for kissing Thirza and laughing at you all those years ago. You loathe me for killing your dog. You think me an uncouth brute.”

She looked down at her torn garment.

“Aye, you hate me. Well, hate me all you like, but I shall wed you upon the morrow.”

“Were you nay listening? I said that you can take me. This is my fate. We can get it over with now.”

“Get it over with!” he exclaimed, removing his hand from his scorching groin. He did not want to get it over with; he wanted to make love to Katherine, slowly and with passion. A quick fuck was not how 'twas meant to be.

“Aye, get it over with.”

Ralph waded out of the water and tugged on his hose. “We shall talk about this another time.”

“Oh, then what shall we do now?”

“Is the meat cooked?”


“Then we shall go and eat, but I suggest you put your gown on first.”

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-61235-246-6
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61235-386-9
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 08/27/2012
Publisher: Melange Books

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