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Point of No Return

Promise Me Series, #7

Author(s): Tara Fox Hall

When Sarelle discovers Theo's love for Tasha is not all it seems, she breaks the love spell, even as she fears the consequences. Dreaming with Theo again awakens old feelings, even as Devlin’s possessiveness increases when Sar is discovered to be pregnant. Influenced by her blood bond to Devlin and Danial, and her magical bond with Theo, Sar is determined to make the relationship with her lovers work. But can Sar trust her heart fully, much less her own desires?


Chapter One

An hour after Theo left, I washed my face, pulled myself together, and called my lawyer. He said he would draw up separation papers, and that Theo and I would need to be legally separated at least a year unless one of us was willing to admit we’d broken our marriage vows. Technically, we both had, but I wasn’t about to have my sins written on a piece of paper. If Theo was in a hurry to marry that wench, he could admit his own infidelity. After instructing my lawyer to fax the separation papers to Danial’s office, I went back to bed and cried some more.

I cried for Theo and me, for the years we had lost and now would never regain, for the marriage we might have had, if he hadn’t been taken from me that year and a half. For what might have happened, if I hadn’t made the choices I had, like loving the vampire Danial and turning to him to help me raise Theo’s daughter Elle, when I found myself alone. Or giving into my desire for Danial’s brother Devlin, on the more than several occasions he had saved my life.

When there were no more tears, and my nose was so stuffed I couldn’t breathe, I got up. “It’s time I was about my day,” I told the dogs bitterly. “Crying and second guessing myself isn’t solving anything. Want to eat?”

After feeding them, I showered, put on fresh clothes, strapped on my snowshoes, and took them for a long, long walk.

The day was clear and cold. Everything was sparkling in the sunlight. Angrily, I told God it was unfair that everything could look so good and new when I felt so bad. Oddly enough, right after, light snow began to fall. By the time we got home, the snow coming down wasn’t light anymore.

After brushing off our extra coats of cold white powder, I gave the dogs some Cheweez, and went to check the wood situation. Seeing it was more than adequate, I settled down with a good book near the wood stove, my black cats Cavity and Jess on my lap. Before long, I was so comfortable that I put the book down just for a moment to rest my eyes.

Sometime later, I awoke. The power had gone off. Then two red eyes appeared, looking at me from across the darkening room.

I let out a surprised yell, the cats bolted in fear, and I howled again, rubbing the fresh painful claw scratches on my legs.

“Sorry, Sar.”

“Terian, what are you doing here?” I asked irritably.

“Danial sent me to check on you. It’s already known around the compound that Theo came and got his stuff today, not to mention the storm. The highways are closed for the entire county.” He paused. “And I wanted to apologize for how I acted.”

“Apology accepted.”

“Do you love him?” Terian asked grudgingly. “Devlin?”

“Yes,” I said, glad it was dark so I couldn’t see his expression.

“Do you feel for him like you feel for Danial? Do you want his child?”

“Why are you asking me these questions?” I said harshly. “I never asked you how you felt about Sundown, compared to Erin or those other women you knew.”

“It matters to me you’re happy. If he’s what makes you happy, then I’ll be content.”

Using that word was odd, but I let it slide. “It has to be this way, Tears. You know that as well as I do. And yes, in time, I think I’ll be happy. Right now I’m still in shock.”

“I liked Erin,” Terian said, after a moment. “But the demon side of me scared her, and she tried to hide it—acted like it didn’t matter. I finally realized that she was behaving as if she had to work herself up to being intimate with me, and I never trusted her after that.”

I said nothing, knowing he didn’t want my pity.

“Sundown I loved, pure and simple. I really thought she cared about me, wanted me for me. But she didn’t.”

All these years later, he still hurt. “I’m sorry,” I said softly in the darkness.

“So am I,” he whispered. “I still miss her very much.”

The lights came back on with a click. Terian and I blinked at one another for a moment, letting our eyes adjust. Relieved, I got up, and started resetting the clocks. “You want some dinner?” I called to him. “I’m going to make pasta now the stove’s on again.”

“Not that nasty whole wheat stuff,” Terian said distastefully from the other room.

“I’ll make you regular if you want,” I promised. “Pour us some wine.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781612358031
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/12/2014
Publisher: Melange Books

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