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V is for Vampyre

Author(s): Irene Patino

He was new to this world of night dancers, a fledgling. He was born at the age of 33, and had much to learn. He watched as a cohort of vampires worked their way through the crowd at Carnival, seducing first this one and then that one. It was fascinating at first, then titillating. But, the titillation only affected his mind; it was the last vestige of humanity to cling to the long, dead, man. He now looked for that same titillation in new places among the living, as well as the dead.


Chapter One

In Brazil, Carnival is a hunting ground for men at all levels of life or death. The women are a little more abandoned, more inhibited by social morals, more willing to take a chance. Occasionally, a dandy can be found in the same frame of mind. He too is game...often.

The thrust and parry of seduction drew me like thirst to water. I loved to watch the “dance”. Some of my cronies had turned it into a game of sorts, a game that always ended in the same way. In this game, the loser stayed in step to a tune not of his own making. No respite. Ever. In this game, the winner lost his or her life.

* * * *

In a previous life, I, Robert Peter Cutter, was once the principal of an American public school. Actually, I was just a big, Ol’ redneck bully, a joke to the vampire community. My personality had not changed. Not one iota. I’d merely transferred my power-seeking ways to a different life style.

I’d been made as a lark. My creator had stayed just long enough to watch my transformation. Now I lived among the dead, lying in darkness by day, walking the streets at night, still pondering the reality of my ‘condition’. I refused to accept being a monster.  In search of that bit of excitement that made me feel a little less dead, a little more human, I continued wandering the world.

I had upon occasion even been known to take part in sexual episodes that I refused to believe myself capable of. The worst part for me, being homophobic in life, was that I enjoyed the preening, courting and conquering of my male partners as much as I did my female partners, brief as they may have been. 

With time on my side, I became a voyeur of great magnitude, living vicariously through those that I watched, cursing myself as I indulged in their fantasies. But, I was in Brazil now, and it was Carnival. For the next week I would feast my eyes every evening, several times. Tonight I would start with dessert.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781612355733
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/09/2013
Publisher: Melange Books

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