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Melting Miss McCool

Author(s): Jennifer Lynn

Nicknamed ‘McCool’ by her colleagues, Kerry-Lee McKenzie has had her fill of men and bad relationships until she runs across Benjamin Grant, the one man who crawls firmly under her skin and refuses to let go. Ben is determined to find the woman smoldering under the cool, calm exterior and isn’t above using a little unfair carnal persuasion. 
With Kerry doing her best to keep Ben at arm’s length and Ben working hard to close the distance, love is always a step or two away. It isn’t until her hormonally charged best friend interferes that Kerry finally realizes that first impressions aren’t always accurate, and absence really does make the heart grow fonder.      
She couldn't help it. A barely contained giggled bubbled up and escaped her lips. He was a smartass, that was for sure. A good-looking, lust arousing smartass. She looked down at her toes peeking out from beneath her robe and then glanced up. "I suppose that might help. But I'm not expecting miracles."
He sighed. "You certainly are the cool one, aren't you?"
"You know what they call me." She shrugged.
"Yep. McCool. The ice queen."
"Ice queen?" she queried with a chuckle. "That's a new one."
He leaned his shoulder against the same doorjamb. "No, that one has been around just about as long as McCool. You've just never heard it."
They stood nearly nose-to-nose. Okay, nose to chin. She noted the twinkle in his eyes and took the bait. "All right. Since you're so smart, what is it supposed to mean?"
His mouth twitched. "It's more like an extension of your other nickname. You know, McCool. As in cool under pressure."
"Uh huh. Go on."
"You don't date," he said simply. "There's been talk."
She laughed. "That I'm unreachable?" At his silence, she continued. "Or a lesbian?"
His only answer was a shrug.
Maybe it was still the dream sending endorphins soaring through her blood, or maybe it was the challenge to her sexuality that put her brain into park and her lips into gear.
The reason didn't matter and she gave it less than a second's thought before she reached out and grabbed his face between her palms.
His eyes widened as her mouth came down over his and his lips parted in surprise. Her tongue explored his mouth tentatively, and then grew bolder, dipping deeper inside the moist cavern. She sucked gently and felt the sharp intake of his breath, smiling to herself with satisfaction. Ice queen indeed.
What the hell? Kerry’s body reacted with a mind of its own, molding closer against Dr. Webster’s hardening erection. Her nipples hardened, and her body tingled all the way down to the juncture between her thighs. She wasn't supposed to have this kind of reaction when she was only teaching the young doctor a lesson on believing gossip. She glanced up with eyes darkened by passion to a deep emerald green, contrasting greatly to the bright blush in her cheeks. She swallowed hard and stepped back into her apartment, her eyes not leaving the blue ones gazing down at her in wonder.
"Call me McCool if you want," she said shakily. "But at least do it for the right reasons."
She closed the door and threw the dead bolt, leaving Ben tongue-tied and staring at the closed portal.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781926996776
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/02/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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