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Mid-Winter Magic

Author(s): Nina Croft

Fifty years ago, vampire Tynan Steele loved Dina and believed she loved him. Instead, she turned out to be an assassin using him to get close to her latest target. Bitter at the betrayal, Ty swore he would make the witch pay.

Dina has loved her time in Five Oaks, living an ordinary lifenot killing anyone. But the past has finally caught up with her. Fifty years ago, she was scared to let herself love Ty, now shes willing to take the risk. But Ty isnt interested in lovehes after revenge.

Can Dina use the magic of a white Christmas in Five Oaks, to convince Ty that shes changed and deserves a second chance at love?


Moving fast, before she had the chance to realize what he meant to do, he grabbed one narrow wrist and slid the cuff on, locking it in place, followed by the second.

Her skin was warm and soft to his touch, and he dropped her hands as though they burned him. She rattled the cuffs, turning to face him. Her eyes were huge, drenched with tears, and shock held him rigid. She blinked. A single tear spilled over and rolled down her cheek.

Assassins didnt cry.

He had to remind himself the tears were an act, but Christ, it was hard, and a shaft of pain sliced through his chest. He fought it down and remembered how she had behaved in the past. She was dangerous, and he could never forget that. At least I havent turned you into a toad. She sniffed and twisted to wipe her face on her shoulder. I should have made you a toad permanently.

Why didnt you? Or why didnt you just kill me? He was genuinely curious as to her answer. The fact shed left him alive had puzzled him at the time and returned to confuse him again and again over the intervening years.

Tonight hed come prepared, knowing what she was capable of, but back then he hadnt had even an inkling of her imminent betrayal. Hed been in shock, and she could have finished him off with the blink of an eyeyet she hadnt.

Finally, she shrugged. I only kill people Im paid to.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-936394-49-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/26/2010
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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