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Mountain Romance

Author(s): Richard Jones

Red Holden is a cowboy used to hard work and a lonely life. Mattie Sharp is a young woman who knows her mind and seldom lets anything get in her way. What will happen when the two meet on the desert floor? Can Red give up his lonely life for this strong willed woman? Or will Mattie have to accept the man is a drifter, and always will be?


Choosing the right dress was proving to be harder than Mattie thought. After looking at clothes from several different shelves, she came to the conclusion that all were pretty much alikedrab. Despite her promise to find something plain, these were just too plain for her taste. Finally, she discovered a slightly different frock at the bottom of one of the many stacks. She was holding it up to her chest to judge the fit when she felt a presence behind her.

Youre about the prettiest thing Ive seen since Grant took Richmond, a deep voice said.

Mattie turned to face the biggest man she had ever seen. He was well over six feet tall and so wide she couldnt see around him. I beg your pardon, she said.

No need to beg, darlin, he said with a smile that revealed two broken teeth and breath that would melt a cast iron pan. Im right here and all yours.

Im not interested, Mattie declared and tried to push past him, but the huge man was blocking all exits. Get out of my way.

Im afraid not, sweetie, he said as he loomed over her. My name is Jack Logan. And when Jack Logan sees something he wants, he usually gets it.

Not this time, friend. Mattie heard Reds voice behind Logan; her heart beat faster. The ladys with me.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781770650671
Genre: Western
Date Published: 04/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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