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Brynís Quest: The Search for Clunís Treasure

Author(s): Jan Milusich

Tween/YA Fantasy Adventure

Bryn, the only son of Niles and Daryd Cernwn, Lord and Lady of Clun, has been raised unaware of the curse that hangs heavy on his noble family and their fiefdom of Clun, a county in Wales.

Frustrated by his father’s overprotection, and determined to prove himself, Bryn sets off on a quest written of in his grandfather’s long-hidden journal. At the onset of the quest, Bryn forms an unlikely partnership with a serf named Simon.

Simon and Bryn’s friendship grows as they match wits with the Woman of the Wood, and Bryn is imprisoned in her forest cottage by oakmen guards. The boys’ bond is sealed when they realize their desire for the same ideal.

Bryn’s mother, the Lady Daryd, who in truth is a dryad (a tree spirit), has left the castle in search of her son, but is soon found by the Woman of the Wood and Herne, who are in the midst of a battle for power. It is up to Bryn to face them in order to help his mother escape. Alas, unable to flee, Lady Daryd sacrifices herself for the land and transforms into the oak tree of her spirit, leaving Bryn to continue on his quest. With the help of the Green Man, his father, and Simon, Bryn finds the dark star and ends the curse that has blighted the land.

Bounty returns to Clun and the people of the fiefdom celebrate Bryn as a hero. Bryn has what he sought; his father’s praise and recognition, but at the cost of the loss of his mother.

The Search for Clun’s Treasure is a story of how our past affects our future, and how the values of love, respect, and responsibility affect our lives and the earth we live on.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-201-8
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 11/30/2012
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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