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In the Flesh

Author(s): Nicolai Due-Gundersen

It is the flesh. The warmth of eternal lust...

In the backstreets of his drab city, Alex finds the perfect gift for his girlfriend, who misses her rural home. Invited into a world of staring portraits, he walks away with the cool gaze of a former rancher, forced to move to modernity.

At first, the gift is welcome. Those blue eyes stare out from a world of rural comfort, what Rachel misses and loves. But there is more behind the gaze, so much more, and slowly it spreads, infects their lives, wanting to break free of its painted milieu and into the real world.

The art gallery. So many frozen faces, all staring...

Sheila, the mistress of these paintings, captures the youth of long gone subjects, but for what purpose? Alex returns to her to relinquish his gift’s burden upon his home, his Rachel. And the mistress waits within these walls of paralysed eyes, soft whispers, and gentle murmurs that defy the prison of gilded picture frames. Trapped youth yearns for freedom. But Sheila’s lust knows no bounds.

As Alex and Rachel are pulled into her game, they learn the true secret behind her brush. The secret of the flesh.

The gifts of lust do not come cheap. There is a price, for mistress and subject alike...

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-927361-42-9
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 01/20/2012
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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