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Kiera's Quest: Perceptions

Author(s): Kristy Brown

Book 3 in the Kiera's Quest Series

Middle Grade/Tween Fantasy


The Witch Queen has reached a new level of evil.

Kiera is helplessly stuck in Zakk’s realm. With the vortex destroyed, she is desperate to find a way home. Her Uncle Tom, her friends and now the boy she loves, are in danger. Will Kiera find the strength and the self-belief she needs to save them?

On her lonely journey she meets new allies from peculiar races. The Prophecy is all falling into place. Will Kiera be able to forgive the people she trusted? Will she be able to save the world from her twisted nemesis, the Witch Queen? Will she finally believe that she is indeed the ‘chosen one’?


Her heart pumped wildly in her ears. Nothing—no one seemed to move. the world was holding its breath. To Maddy, it felt like the catastrophic events of a few moments ago, were re-playing inside her head only.

“Is everyone all right?” Tom’s voice felt like having water splashed in her face on a school morning. Then as if the Earth exhaled, time carried on, as it always did.

She watched Tom almost leap over to Kiera and hold her tightly, checking her over, holding her face. He looked puzzled, and asked everyone to give her a few minutes. Daz, and a barely recognisable Joe, lay murmuring injured in the car park. Tom and his trusty followers rallied around checking both boys, discussing their options in fast whispers.

“We need to get Daz back to the hospital,” Tom said, firmly pushing his glasses up the bridge of his camel-like nose. “Where, might I add, he should have stayed”

“Ahh, but-I-I….” Daz’s voice trailed off in defeat.

“As for this young man…” Tom stepped over Daz to get to Joe. His tiny sullen face peered from the metallic skin that the Witch Queen had wrapped him in. “We’ll have to get him back to the shop so no one sees him like this.”

“You mean head quarters?” Maddy butted in trying to make the shop’s basement much more official than it actually was.

“Yes exactly, we have special tools to prize him out of this metal junk.”

Tom smiled as Joe’s gulp made a clucking sound in his throat.

“ I think it will take all of us to lift him.” Madam Swift, Officer Cole, Miss Watson and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson took a position at a body part.

Maddy started to walk toward his feet, thinking that would be the lightest part of the now crumpled soldier. She stopped as she caught Kiera looking unnaturally unmoved. She still kneeled staring at the point where the vortex had been. Her stillness was odd, only her velvet hair swayed lightly in the breeze. Her expression fixed and her body was rigid. Maddy couldn’t look away or understand the hint of a smug smile that played on her lips.

“Err…Kiera, are you with us? It’s over…you did it. You saved Joe and Daz. You are a hero. Kiera…Kiera?”

Maddy rushed over to her friend and kneeled in front of her.

“Tom! There’s something wrong with her. She’s in shock…. or brain damaged from the blast.”

Kiera’s gaze turned slowly toward Maddy.

“We will find a way to see Zakk again...I’m sure of...” Maddy was cut off mid fib by a crazed cackle that bounced from bonnet to car bonnet. Everyone stopped grappling with Joe. All eyes fell on Kiera.

“See. I told you she’s not herself.” Maddy slightly recoiled from her best friend. “You have had a traumatic time…”

“Oh but I am myself, Freckles,” Her friend grinned coyly. “And I feel better than ever.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-337-4
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 05/24/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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