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Roses are Red, Diamonds are Blue

Author(s): Donna Alice Patton

Historical Mystery Suspense

Where’s the Anastasia?” It’s been almost a year since Laura Barkley’s husband, a museum curator, was murdered and the fabled Anastasia Diamond stolen. A long year filled with accusations, too many accidents directed toward Laura and her twins, plus plenty of soul searching. How well did she know Peter? Had he planned to steal the diamond himself? Was his murder a double cross or a robbery gone bad? If he was innocent, what did Peter mean by his cryptic clue? Where is the priceless blue diamond now? Someone is determined to find the diamond no matter the cost . . . unless Laura can decipher Peter’s last baffling clue and find it first. As the one-year anniversary of the Anastasia’s disappearance draws closer, Laura finds herself caught in a series of snowballing events she can’t control, including the Blizzard of 1978. As the snow deepens who will survive?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-289-6
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 04/05/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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