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Sapphire Moon

Author(s): Andrea Cothern

Young Adult Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Romance

It’s been two weeks since the murder of Beth Stewart’s mother. Two months since the fateful trip to Salt Lake City where the murderer found Lizzy Shelton. Six months since Beth first met the Sheltons. One year since the Sheltons came to Earth. Now the time has finally come to leave; to find the spaceship in Nevada that’ll take them back to Evelon to fight Tanduc and release The Unity of the Greater System from his control.

That’s what Beth wants most…to leave behind the memories of sorrow and death and forge a new life for herself with the Sheltons. But first she must confront the demons within her—a goal made much harder when she finds her mother’s diary. As the pieces of the past come together, the present starts to fall apart. Does she have the ability to find her mother’s murderer without endangering the Sheltons? And if she does find him, does she have it within her to mete out her version of justice? Can she become like the man she’s hunting…a murderer?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-207-0
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 11/16/2012
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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