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The Christmas War

Author(s): L.J. Holmes

Book Two in The Christmas Miracles Series
Book One: Santa is a Lady

Irene Cavington must get her daughter Beck safely married before Beck turns 35 to someone she can control or at the very least someone who is as desperate to hold onto the life style she’s become accustomed to he will fall into Irene’s line. Failure is not an option.

Unfortunately Beck is not cooperating. Worse, there’s a new minister in town that Beck seems determine to flaunt before Irene’s increasingly enraged self.

No way can Irene have this usurper from the wrong side of the social Mason-Dixon line screwing with her carefully laid plans, and the sooner they are both set right, the sooner Irene can retire to the secret luxury she has waiting in the wings.

Drastic measures are called for and no one does “Drastic Measures” better than Irene Carrington.


Northeringale, no matter how close to Christmas it might be, was not a fantasy land at three o’clock in the morning, especially in the middle of nowhere. Two cars were parked on dirt packed, back roads, dark and quiet sentries of the nighttime’s unrest and so far from Main Street it would take someone lost and equipped with night vision goggles to see either the vehicles or the secretive occupants inside them.

One car, a newer model, American made, was the place chosen for the occupants’ summit meeting.

“Have you got it?”

“Right here.”

“Good, and everything is here?”



“Still up in the air.”

“You’ll have to go back then.”


“We need to know when.”

“I don’t like it.”

“No one suspects do they?”

“Are you kidding?”
”Then we have to proceed as is.”

“Not quite. I’ve delivered what we agreed upon. If I have to go back, I’ll need a few more devices to fully cover every contingency.”

“Of course. This should take care of it.” A bulging envelope exchanged hands and scrutinized by a knowing eye. “Well? Will that do?” A nod of the head was all the acquiescence needed. “Call me when you have news.”

The silence outside, occupied only by some nocturnal creatures, was broken when a car door slammed and the engine roared to life. Shortly thereafter a second vehicle’s motor growled too. One car went north, the other went south. Neither vehicle engaged its headlights until a good distance had been driven. No chances could be taken. Not now. Not ever.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-927361-43-6
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/09/2011
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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