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The Second Son

Author(s): Claire Hope

Historical Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Tags  Prince, gypsy, castle, Illuminati, Free Mason, poison, murder, passion, Moravia, fountains, Romans, Julius Caesar, Roman gods, Roma, river, Olumutz, Brunn, Carpathian Mountains

“Who knew when we started this mission to choose a gypsy that we would end up in the middle of a great mystery?”

Prince Dmitri’s words would haunt him until he found the answer.

The beginning of his mission seemed easy enough. His father, King Petrov Turgenev, had issued his decree from his deathbed: Find a Gypsy to marry the crown prince, his older brother Alexi, and unite the country of Moravia. Even though Alexi resisted, the King’s order was set in stone. Dmitri was chosen to go to the Gypsy camp and choose the woman who would become Alexi’s bride.

It was only after Dmitri chose fiery-tempered Roma, Mylana Romanov, as Alexi’s bride that the attempts on her life started.

There were clues – symbols – to the mysterious attempts. An owl. A compass. A pyramid, and more. What did these symbols mean? How did they fit in with the attempts on the new Princess’s life?

Prince Dmitri had to find the answer – before the new Princess was murdered.

He found men who were trying to harm the new Princess, but rather than speak, they killed themselves. What secret was so great that suicide was required?

He also knew he had to fight the feelings he had for Mylana – yearnings he should not be having for his brother’s bride, but strong feelings still. Passion Mylana returned with an innocent intensity. Thrown together in this journey full of danger and intrigue, they found love. How could he fall in love with his brother’s bride? More important, how could he push this love aside? Would he be strong enough?

And how would he, the second son, conquer the dark forces and keep the love of his life alive?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-287-2
Genre: Historical
Date Published: 03/08/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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