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A Kept Woman

Author(s): Daryl Devore

Desperately unemployed, Arianne, answers an ad that reads Woman Wanted. With miniscule hours and excellent pay, she accepts the position of courtesan to Derek, a handsomely dashing man, whom she finds out is a billionaire. Engaging in a game of cat and mouse, will they drive each other crazy…or will they fall in love first.


Picking up the remote with one hand and the coffee mug with the other, she alternated between surfing channels and sipping wine. She stopped at two naked females passionately exploring each other’s body. Blankly staring at the screen she finished the bottle of red wine, consumed her precooked, fast-frozen meal in a container and had changed to white wine, without noticing the difference. Tossing the empty dish onto the coffee table, the fork bounced off and landed on the newspaper. She bent down to pick it up. The ad she had read to Taylor caught her eye. “What the hell.” She picked her laptop up off the coffee table, typed in the website then clicked on e-box twenty four.

Hi. I’m Derek. I’m looking for a woman. I don’t want a girlfriend or a lover. Just a mutually sexually satisfying companion. The work will be minimal and the pay will be excellent. If interested email me your name, an introduction - 100 words or less - and a photo to entice me to hire you.

Arianne drank her wine and stared at the laptop screen for fifteen minutes while she had a mental debate. The “yes” voice in her head won out. The wine may have helped. She linked the digital camera to the computer then walked to her room and stripped. She stood in front of the small mirror and tried to choose her sexiest pose. Having chosen the conservative one of standing with her hands at her sides, legs spread apart; Arianne positioned herself in front of the camera and clicked the trigger. In a moment the picture appeared on the screen.

Appraising her body, Arianne smiled - soft curves, ample breasts and a neatly trimmed puff of hair below her belly button. It was a sexy body, not ravishing like a movie star’s, but it had enticed a few of the male gender. With some careful editing she deleted the background of the picture until all she had was a naked, headless picture of herself. She attached the photo to an email and began to type her message.

My name is Arianne. I’m 25 and recently unemployed so I’m ready to explore any job opportunity. Especially one that will pay an excellent salary. I keep in shape. I like to party but I don’t do drugs. I’m not a virgin, but I am clean—no STD’s. I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t jump into bed with every guy I meet. I’m just a regular girl pushed into a corner and is desperately looking for a way out.

How much is “excellent pay”?

She hit the send button. No turning back now. While online she did a daily depressing search of the job listings. As she was about to click off, she noticed her email icon was flashing.

Hello Arianne. This is Derek. I am 28 and employed. I also like to keep in shape, but I enjoy a lazy day doing nothing but watching TV. There will be no drugs involved—only sex. I don’t have the time or the patience for a relationship.

Job description - service me at least once a week - say every Tuesday. I will supply an apartment for our meetings. I don’t want to wine and dine you. There is no emotional involvement. I want to walk in, fuck and leave.

Pay - how does $8,000 a month - to start - sound? Reply.

“Sounds pretty damn good!”

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