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Amateur Night

Author(s): Dee Dawning

Sally and her undersized half-brother Hermie are strange people. Every weekend they venture forth from Piggott Arkansas to small towns in one of the three adjacent states. When they arrive, they rent a motel room from which they fan out to the local saloons.
In Amateur Night Sally and Hermie are off to another nearby town on one of their weekly treks. You won't believe the mischief they cause on Amateur Night.

She studied Ginelle. She was so pretty and clean looking with perfect skin and features, she looked like a little black angel. She wanted her, and vocalized her thoughts, "I don’t know, but I’d like to explore your beautiful body."

Ginelle's eyes widened as she glanced at Sally. Then the corners of her lips curved up into her beautiful smile. "I’m glad you had the nerve to say what I was thinking. Where can we go?"

"Where do you live?"

She shook her head. "We can’t go there. I live with my brother. That’s why I need money, to get out of there."

She pursed her lips. "And I’m staying at a motel with my brother. Do you have your own room?"

"Yes but…" She made a right turn and headed south. "All right, we’ll go there."

Sally used Ginelle’s phone to tell Hermie not to go back to the club, but was too late.

"Where are you, Sally? There’s a dozen cop cars here. Apparently there was a riot. They’re hauling some bikers and others to jail."
"I’m with another contestant. I’ll see you in the morning."

She ended the call and passed the phone back to Ginelle. The touch of her hand sent a warm cozy feeling through her. The idea of having sex with this luscious thing had her pussy drooling crème.

Ginelle wore white low-rise shorts and a red and white checkered blouse, tied under her bosom. Ginelle stiffened as Sally touched her thigh. Sally looked at her. "Have you ever been with a woman?"

"No, but I’ve wanted to. I’ve never had the nerve. I’m so attracted to you I can’t wait to lick your pussy and suck on your clit."

The idea of this pretty girl’s face buried between her legs sent a gush of crème through her channel and desire cascaded through her body. Thank God, skidded to a halt in front of a mobile home. There was a little moonlight and they were in the country. There weren’t any lights on in the mobile home.

With the bounce of excitement in her step, Ginelle jumped out, came around, and grabbed Sally's hand as she exited the car.

As Ginelle started toward the trailer, Sally stood her ground and reeled her into her arms. Face to face in the dark night, the pleasant sweet tart scent of her cologne floated to her nostrils. Sally’s lips covered hers, her tongue seeking entrance.

Ginelle opened her mouth, allowing her sensual penetration, a moan of delight became lost in their kiss. Her breath was fresh, her tongue smooth and satiny. Sally’s arms encircled her slender waist as she deepened the kiss. Her tongue plundered inside the warm, friendly recesses of her mouth. Ginelle responded fervently, giving Sally a sample of the lustful promise that waited inside.

Sally broke the kiss. "Phew! We’ll never make it inside if we don’t stop. Is your brother home?"

Ginelle tugged her arm once more and this time she went. "It doesn’t look like it—his truck isn’t here. Damn, I can’t seem to get…ah there it is." She opened the door, flipped a light on and stepped in. She turned and faced her. "I know it isn’t much, but—"

Sally raised a finger to her full red painted lips. "Shush. It doesn’t matter. I live in a trailer, too."

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