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Sister Laurel and the Atheist

Author(s): Dee Dawning

Wildly attracted to each other, can a beautiful, shy sister and a devilishly handsome atheist fall in love and find happiness despite their differences?

It was love at first sight. That’s what the lovely, shy Sister in Waiting Laurel, and the devilishly, handsome Julian Peters both agree. But is their overpowering love and attraction enough to allow this unlikely couple to overcome the obvious societal obstacles plus the differences between their own core beliefs to make a life together?

Sister Laurel & the Atheist is a cute, humorous and oh, so, romantic story.




As soon as I walked in the door, Seth looked up from the TV. “Hi sweetheart, where are the kids?”

“At your mother’s. They’re spending the night. Meet me in the bedroom. I have a surprise for you.”

“Bedroom, surprise?” He rose as the corners of his mouth curled up. “Those two words used in the same sentence sound very promising.”

“Don’t get too excited.” I smiled back and took the big guy’s large hand in mine. “You might be able to only look for now and not touch.”

 As we entered the bedroom I explained, “Laurel and I spent the day at a spa and guess what?”

“I’m sure I don’t know, but from the way you’re acting I’d guess you got that Brazilian wax treatment you’ve been threatening to get for months.”

Was I disappointed? Of course, but I was also pleased. I stood in front of him and pinched his nose as he lifted my skirt and started to drag my panties down. “You’re just too smart for your own good, doctor. Maybe that’s why I love you.”

“And you are too sexy for your own good and that is why I love you. Mmmm. Look at this? It’s all red.” He touched me. “It’s warm too. Let me lick it better.”

“Seth, the sex crazed doctor.”

“Only with you baby and the doctor prescribes copious amounts of cooling saliva upon the injured area.” He stuck out his long tongue, wiggling it, slowly heading in the direction of my suddenly sodden sex.

I reciprocated by edging in toward him. “You are evil.”

“I know and you love it.”

My cell phone rang.

“Let it ring.”

I wanted too. I wanted that tongue bad. “I can’t. It could be your mother—the kids.”

He groaned as I kicked the panties around my ankles off and pulled down my skirt. I reached in my purse, which I’d set on the nightstand and grasped the ringing phone and quickly flipped open the cover.


“Hi Baby. It’s Dad. I didn’t disturb anything, did I?”

Only a little blissful oral sex. “Of course not! Nice of you to call.”

“I’ve been meaning to ring you, but this isn’t a social call.”


“No. Laurel just visited me. She’s very conflicted about this young man.”

I shooed Seth over. He flashed a disgusted look, but moved and I sat on the bed. “I know. I met him. I like him. I think he’ll be good for her.”

“That’s what she said. That you seem to be pushing him on her.”

“Daddy, I don’t have to push very hard. I know they’ve only known each other a short time but she is enthralled by him. And frankly, he seems every bit as beguiled by her.”

“I know. They even slept together.”

“She told you that?”

“You know Laurel . She’s an open book. After I figured it out she admitted it. That bothers me some, but not as much as the fact she can’t remember.”

“Why Daddy?”

“Something bad must have happened for her subconscious to expunge the memory.”

“Daddy. I think we better talk. I’ll be there at eleven tomorrow. And don’t make lemonade.”

“I thought you like my lemonade.”

“I do but for this discussion, coffee is in order. Oh. One more thing Daddy.”

“What Sweetheart?”

“Julian reminds me of you.”

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Genre: Sweet Romance
Date Published: 12/21/2009
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