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The Bastard Preacher

Author(s): Dee Dawning

Smooth, handsome, and self-serving, Jamie Lee Vincent decides there's easy money in religion after attending a big tent revival in his home town of Tyler, Texas. Catching the interest of Reverend Sonny Riverton's youngest daughter, the lovely and vivacious Missy, he charms his way into her bed and in short order the Riverton clan.

Utilizing his charm and natural-born talent for chicanery, Jamie Lee takes over the ministry, and when his popularity soars finds himself among the most revered of television preachers. However, the wealth, fame, sex and power he now enjoys isnt enoughnothing is ever enough!


Jamie Lee was nervous as a cat locked in a dog kennel as he waited for the reverend to introduce him. He studied the live audience. They seemed friendly enough.

Of course theyre friendly, theyre the flock.They were like a gathering of sheep believing everything they were told.

Dear Christians, a brand new reborn sinner is with us today. Im proud to say my daughter, Missy, personally saved this young man, so Im going to let her tell you about it.

Ooh, this is so exciting. First, Ill tell you about it and then Ill introduce him. I was with Michael, Bobbie Sue and her husband Grant on a tent revival in Tyler, Texas when I met Jamie Lee. From the minute I saw him, I knew he was a sinner. He was smug and arrogant, but he had a presence about him, a magnetism that couldnt be ignored and I thought, wouldnt it be wonderful if someone with his charisma could be brought to the side of God.

Hed never been to a revival, so I invited him and he came. Well folks, he must have felt the spirit of the Lord, for when it came time to be saved, he stood up. Well Ill tell you, for everyday sinners, our tent revival baptism works fine, but our boy was a serious sinner and I suspected the Lord wanted me to give him the V.B.S. treatmentthats Very Big Sinner treatment, She was interrupted by laughter. So I had him sit down until the revival was over and then with the help of Bill our muscle bound Sergeant at Arms, I filled a bathtub full of holy water and gave him the full Soldiers of the Lord treatment.

Again, she was interrupted by laughter and applause.

Well, I have to tell you folks, the concentrated spirit of Gods loving grace was so strong, we both felt ecstasy.

Jamie Lee couldnt help but snicker on the ecstasy part.

Anyway, Jamie Lee became so overwrought with emotion, he couldnt thank me enough, and he went on to say he wanted to dedicate his life to Christ. And so I present to you, Gods newest convert. Folks, how about a nice round of applause to make Jamie Lee Vincent feel welcome.

Jamie Lee ran out on the stage waving and smiling as if he was already a star. The standing ovation was deafening, prolonged, and seemed to increase as he kissed Missy on the cheek. He grabbed a mic from the stand and said, Thank you, thank you. Thank you. I feel great! How about you? Loud applause signified agreement. Like Missy told you, my name is Jamie Lee Vincent, and ladies and gentlemen, I have been saved! Its a great feeling knowing you walk in Gods grace and I owe it all to our little honey, Missy Riverton. Sustained applause followed.

My hero, Reverend Sonny Riverton, has given me the opportunity to bear witness to all of you. To testify about Gods acceptance and forgiveness. Folks, I was lost. I always got into trouble, couldnt find a decent job, I was obsessed with the pleasures of the flesh, and I even toked a little hash. Laughter filtered from the crowd. Then again things could have been worse considering I started out life in the hole. Folks, if I stick around as I hope to, yall will find out anyway, so Im going to get it out in the openIm a bastard. Folks, I was born to a teenage mother out of wedlock, the product of rape.

It seemed as if someone hit the mute button on the audience. Jamie Lee worried that hed blown it.

After ten seconds, one brave soul clapped. Immediately, another joined in and soon everyone clapped, then everyone stood. Someone yelled, Jamie Le-e-e, Jamie Le-e-e. Soon everyone joined in the chant. At that moment, he knew he owned the audience and he was amazed at how easy it had been.

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ISBN (Print): 978-0615424293
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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/20/2010
Publisher: New Dawning Bookfair

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