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Obliged to Bend

Author(s): B. A. Bradbury

It is the winter of 1896, and the happiest man in England is surely James Montgomery. Following the death of a distant cousin, the forty-six year old bachelor finds himself owner of a large estate, and guardian to three nubile young women: Cathy, Victoria and Elizabeth. A lifelong disciplinarian, James has fiendish plans for his wards - plans that involve his impressive collection of canes, straps, paddles and whips. The staff must also submit to the new master's will, as maids Alice and Rose soon discover to their cost. To help him achieve his nefarious ends, James appoints a new governess: beautiful and buxom Irene Hammond, herself a devotee of the art of correction. Given sole charge of Willie the hallboy and Jack the stableboy, Irene is in seventh heaven, blissfully unaware that James has secret plans for her too! With Irene's assistance, first Victoria then Cathy fall prey to their guardian's scheming, and feel the sting of tawse and paddle on tender young flesh. Now only the clever and lovely Elizabeth eludes his grasp... but for how much longer can she hold out?

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ISBN (Print): 9781903931509
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 07/27/2012
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

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