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Author(s): Forrest White

Ritual murder, designer drugs, and a church building fund…

When the mutilated body of a woman is found in rural Louisiana, visiting celebrity hockey player Victor Geoffrion is person-of-interest number one. But, when a less than sober lawyer named Travis is tapped to lead the prosecution, and he hires back his favorite investigator, a meaty but meticulous former pro Boxer, evidence begins to point in darker directions. As cops and the DA, feral gangsters, even a Pentacostal preacher and his amphetamine-addled acolyte all become embroiled in something stranger than they could imagine, the odds of getting any justice or even getting on the wagon become slimmer with each page.


“Whoa Rush, put them hillbillies away,” Bob lashed, shaking his head.

Ezzard’s voice was more conciliatory. “He’s right, Alcede. We ain’t in buyin’ mode.”

“Christ Jesus,” the scrawny man sighed. “Mourn the day you can’t sell oxycottens.”

Ezzard stroked the stubble on his chin, but it was Bob who said, “You know we pronounce that word, ‘oxy-con-tens. Because it’s got an n in it.”

“You got market problems, cuz?” Ezzard said.

“That’s one way a puttin’ it,” Alcede said. “Another is, I’m fucking starvin’ to death.”

Now both chins facing Alcede were being massaged.

“With these crazy, fucking Mexicans in town, bro, with their new designer shit. What planet you two been on? Cocaine’s going for a dime on the dollar, and you literally can’t give meth away.” Alcede glanced wistfully over his shoulder at the odoriferous trailer.

Indeed this was the first Ezzard had heard of new products or what sounded like potential turf wars.

“I guess we picked a bad time then,” he said. “We were hoping to find mule work.”

Alcede whistled. “You in the wrong line, bro.”

Bob’s eyes suddenly glistened with moisture. “Man, we’re desperate…”

Alcede seemed to notice the variegated patchwork across his guests’ faces for the first time. He lifted the cap and scratched his head then groped his overalls’ pocket for another baggie, this one filled with Cheetos. He flung a handful at a relatively barren patch of septic mud and watched as Muscovys, mallards and redheads flung themselves on the snack food like Afghanis on a disabled tank.

“Well, don’t get any ideas about working for them Mexicans.”

“You saying they won’t hire white mules?” Ezzard said.

“I’m sayin’, you the Cheetos, they the ducks.” Ezzard wrinkled his brow in concentration, and Alcede said, “A better way a puttin’ it is this. You ever see what a starving Maya Indian does to a spider monkey?”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291161
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Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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