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Old Heroes Never Die (Star City Crusaders)

Author(s): Ashlynn Monroe

Anneliese Stewart's father died to protect Star City. She never knew her dad was Hawk, a superhero, until he was gone. She suffers the same mutation that gave him flight. Annie has no idea why her father never told her what he'd done about his mutation, but she was left feeling alone and shut out after his death.

When Hawk's old friend, a man who'd haunted her teenage fantasies, Wolf, comes for her father's notebooks, Anne makes a choice. Her father may be gone, but the courage he instilled in her lives. Annie wants to take her place as a superhero and help Wolf stop the organization of evil that killed her father, once and for all.

Wolf can't believe Hawk's little girl is all grown up, but he won't allow the untrained beauty to join the crusade. He can't let the pretty little hawk take flight on his watch. Her determination speaks well of who she is, but when he sees the lust in her bright amber eyes he has a hard time reminding himself he's nearly old enough to be her father and she deserves a man her own age instead of a battle-scarred veteran of the war on crime. Wolf was powerless to save her father, but he'll be damned if he'll watch Annie die, too.


Old Heroes Never Die (Star City Crusaders)
Ashlynn Monroe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 Ashlynn Monroe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"What the hell?" Wolf glared at Wasp. Her blonde and black hair was a mess. She had a black eye, and she'd walked in with a noticeable limp.

"Wolf, we need that book. If you won't go to the girl, I will."

"You okay?" He asked out of concern, but the change of subject was a bonus.

"Of course I am. You and I both know I've had worse than this."

"You aren't twenty anymore."

"Fuck off! You're older than I am. Just because I turned thirty-nine last week..."

"Forty," Wolf interrupted.

"I know how damn old I am," she screeched. They stood toe to toe. His sister's temper made Wasp the perfect persona for her. She was just as dangerous as any killer bee when pissed.

"I know how old you are too. Forty," Wolf told his baby sister.

"Well, you're forty-two, so if I'm too old, so are you."

"I am too old, but we both know Doctor Death is out of control. The cops can't handle that prick. There isn't much that we can do, but if we give up there'll be nothing standing in the way of his organization. Christ," Wolf spat out the curse as he ran his hand through is hair. "He's getting ballsy. He went to Dragon's Head and took a civilian hostage."

"The young doctor definitely has balls, which makes him more dangerous," Wasp replied.

"Where's Tiger?"

Wasp snorted. "Drunk."

Wolf shrugged. Lately his old friend had been a serious pain. He couldn't find it in his heart to get mad, not after what the man lost, but soon he'd be planning an intervention if he didn't pull himself together. Tiger wasn't the only Crusader who had lost someone. "I just think we should leave the girl alone. You know how Hawk felt about her getting involved. He felt like shit that he wasn't there for her the night we all mutated. He couldn't have saved her from it, but Hawk was such a stubborn fucker. Damn, I miss him."

"Yeah, me too, but asking for the book won't exactly take away her wings. This isn't an invite for her to come play crime fighter with us."

"He asked us to stay away from her."

"She was seventeen when he died. She has to be twenty-five or twenty-six by now. She's a woman, not a child. I'm going to ask for the book. Those pages might be the key to taking down Doctor Death and his organization."

Wolf grunted. "I don't want to betray Hawk and drag his daughter into what we do."

"You won't. I will," Wasp said as she turned to go out the way she'd just come in.

"Wait! Fuck it. I'll go." Wolf ground the words out reluctantly. He could see that his sister wasn't going to let this go. If anyone was going to go to E's daughter, it was him, he owed his friend that much.

His sister turned and crossed her arms over her chest. "Good. Asking for a book won't tarnish E's memory. His daughter will always be in danger because she's a mutant. You can't change that by staying away. He'd be the first one to call you an idiot for acting like this. He asked us to keep her out of the Crusaders. Asking for the book doesn't make her part of the team."

Wolf rolled his eyes and walked past his sister. He hadn't seen Anneliese Stewart since she was a teenager standing next to a coffin with tears in her big amber eyes. He felt a lump rising in his throat. He'd known then he needed to stay away from the girl, especially when she came of age. He'd managed to stay independent a long time, and the idea of losing someone again made him ache.

She was his best friend's daughter, and he'd vowed to keep her safe. Even if the Crusader lifestyle didn't make him a constant target, he was too old for her. He should let Wasp go, but deep down he wanted to see how she'd grown up. They did need the book. As soon as Wolf was in the hall he let, his body contort. The pain no longer made him scream. He'd learned to embrace the agony of muscles and bone changing. Wolf had accepted the way his mind clouded to become part animal long ago.

A moment later, a lone black wolf ran down the marble hallway of Dragon's Head. He paused to let loose a great howl.

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Date Published: 02/04/2014
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