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Only One Man Will Do

Author(s): Fiona McGier

The sequel to For The Love Of His Life.She's never been satisfied with just one man. He's not willing to share. How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself?

Tough-as-nails businesswoman by day, Alexandra is a biker queen by night. When a large Russian man inserts himself into her life, she follows her instincts to some explosive sex. He's not willing to share her with her gang, and she's not willing to give up other men. When two of her bikers are killed, Dmitri is the main suspect. How far is he willing to go to keep her to himself? And has she really fallen in love for the first time ever...with a murderer?


"You don't appear to be happy to see me, Sashka."

She whirled around to face him, "What the fuck are you doing here? How did you even find the right place? This is an invitation-only event. What the hell kind of conglomerate are you supposed to represent? And how did you pick my Dad out of the crowd, to get him to introduce you to me?"

Dmitri smiled at her, shaking his head, "You don't really want to know the answers to all of those questions. The only question you really want to know is why I'm here. The answer should be obvious. I'm here because it's Saturday night and you're here. Where else would I be?"

Sparks flew out of her eyes as she spat out, "At the bar? Fucking one of the biker babes there? Not here, intruding on my private life!"

He didn't back off, but stared into her eyes. "Private life? Is there anything more private than what you and I have shared for weeks now?"

"Okay, my weekday life. My businesswoman persona. You're not a part of this part of my life. You don't belong here."

A smile played with the corners of his mouth, "But that's where you are so wrong, Sashka. I belong where-ever you are. I told you when I met you, that we both wear many faces and many names. I actually told your Father my real name, though your knowing that gives you more power over me than I had intended for you to have at this point. But it will make things easier to explain to him when we tell him we're going to be married."

"What?" she shrieked as her face registered anger and shock.

”Oh, did I say that out-loud? My bad. We'd better get into the dining room or your Father and his lovely trophy wife will wonder where we are, since we'll be missing the soup course."

Of all of the delusional, conceited, over-bearing..."

"Yes, yes, we can argue later. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry."

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290829
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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 11/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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