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Author(s): Bruce McLachlan

A remote and highly secret prison facility draws the attention of Claire Malenko, an ambitious young investigator intent on exposing the inconsistencies she has found in its records to further her own career.  When she arrives there she finds herself processed and incarcerated in an automated hi-tech prison where the warden and his staff have created a world of bondage and submission to suit their desires. To prevent her bringing ruin to their secret realm of perversity, the warden must drag out the security code she uses to communicate her findings.  Thus begins a struggle during which they heap endless punishment and humiliation on the hapless prisoner, trying to gain her secret as slowly she begins to find arousal in succumbing to their erotic torments. Seduced by one of latex-clad trustees that serve the warden, Claire finds herself trained as the sultry woman's pet and willingly becomes part of the covert empire of domination she sought to bring down.

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ISBN (Print): 9781903931431
ISBN (Electronic): 9781907976124
Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 07/27/2012
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

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