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Outside the Safe Zone

Author(s): Katrina Rhodes

The world has ended, but the search for the cure has just begun.

Tara Harris is one of the few who brave the wastes outside the Safe Zone. She is a zombie hunter, and she is one of the best. Tara has been tapped to capture a new mutation, a zombie that appears to be capable of conscious thought. If this is true, then it could be the first step towards finding a cure for the virus. However, the creature has plans of his own. Now Tara and her team of hunters must leave the Safe Zone to find this mutation and stop him before he can destroy humanity.


This creature had been wearing clothes once, but its expanding body mass had torn through them. Its arms dragged on the ground, bulging with muscles as it stomped forward. Worse, instead of the desperate expression worn by its cousins, the creature's face was twisted into a mask of intelligent rage. It raised its arms and slammed them into a section of grate that was all that stood between us and the horde.

"Mutant!" I yelled as a warning to the others. It was hardly necessary. Instead of carefully maneuvering through, we turned and ran, pushing away grasping arms and tearing out of half-closed grips. The grate squealed in protest as the creature slammed into it again, rattling loosely on its hinges. A few more feet, and we would be free of the tunnel. The creature reared back and slammed into the grate a third time. This time, there was a tearing noise as the grate popped free and fell forward with a loud clang.

The creature stepped through into the tunnel. I could see that it was dragging something heavy behind it. The horde followed. I lifted my rifle and began firing back into them, pumping steady bursts into the horde, aiming high in the hopes of headshots. The others began firing backward while running. The undead lurched for us, moving faster now that their next meal was within reach. We burst out of the tunnel. I glanced around in between shots and saw that we were in another pocket cavern. There were several destroyed buildings around us, half buried under the dirt walls. This cavern was larger than the previous ones we had seen. The zombies swarmed out of the tunnel, with the large mutant howling behind them. This was bad. The cavern was large enough that they could flank us, and if we couldn’t concentrate our firepower, we were dead.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291048
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291031
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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