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Pearl of the Rising Sun

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

When cultures clash love will find a way.When an Australian and a Japanese girl fall in love they find the different cultures
insurmountable. Determined to have each other they find further trouble when
the war breaks out. Now both have to face death and isolation if they want to
continue their true love. It is a story of desperation and love in facing
impossible difficulties from both sides.


Panic to set in when he saw the hopeless tangle of the rope around his foot and on the twisted propeller of the wreck. He had already been under for three minutes and almost reached his limit. His struggle brought sand up from the bottom and the visibility became clouded. His lungs screamed for air, and his knife had fallen out of reach. The girl tried to unravel the rope but she, too, reached her limit. Forced to leave him for a few seconds, she hurried to the surface for more air then dived the three fathoms to reach him once again. His struggle became feeble as water rushed into his lungs. The sight of her faded as blackness overtook him* * *
The gentle Western breeze easing in made a refreshing relief for the crew of the Broome Cutter returning to port after a week’s successful pearling in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.
Tom Macadam turned his face to the breeze as soon as it hit and took in a deep breath.
“Christ that’s good,” he said as his hair fluttered slightly across his tanned forehead.
Wayne Jones-Anderson, Tom’s best mate was uncaring as he glanced in the direction Tom was looking. “Stuff the breeze. It won’t blow away the stink of fish and sweat. All I want is to get back home, have a long shower and a shave, then spend some money.”
Tom rubbed the stubble of five days growth on his chin and nodded. “Yeah, a shower and a shave would be good. We all look like a bunch of Camel Drivers. Our beards will be down to our ankles if we don’t do something about it.”
Jonesy agreed. “Some of the girls don’t like blokes with beards. Got to look your best if you want to score.”
“Don’t you ever think about saving? You seem to blow the lot on women and booze with no thought of the future.”
“Shit. Who knows how long we’ve all got? Have a short life but a merry one.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727360
Genre: Thriller
Date Published: 08/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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