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Bearing Armen

Author(s): Brenna Lyons

James Armenís only wish is a home and family. Beth Havens is a widow with twin little girls. She never imagined life with a vampire hunter. He never dreamed that heíd be blessed with daughters.

Devon vowed to do anything to have Michelle as mate. When he goes too far in the grips of printing madness, itís up to Devon to make peace somehow, even if that means serving her father, James Lord Armen.

Insubordinate. Bastard cursed. Felon. Scott Danvers has been called many things in his life, few of them favorable. Born to a blade chaser and hidden from the Warriors, Scott is nothing like his peers, from his blond-tipped hair and tattoos to his attitude.

Alyssa Bradley is a minefield, a Warrior widow, traumatized, alone and pregnant. But Daniel Hunter knows thereís something beyond that, something his gut tells him is much worse. Why does her dead husbandís name make her tremble in fear? Why doesnít she know anything about the rules of sanction? Why didnít she form a bond with Tomís family? Most importantly, can she accept a Warrior mate after everything Tom Armen has done to her?

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Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Phaze Books

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