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Casear's Mercy of Love

Author(s): Penny Ash, Jade Morrison

Caesar's Love: Laurentius Caesar has everything a man could want: power, prestige, and the admiration of all. He lacks only love, something the old soothsayer promised would be his. But he hasn't found it yet and he's growing impatient, until a chance meeting with one of his house slaves, Auriel.

Having known only the life of a servant, Auriel is surprised and not all that pleased with her new role as Caesar's lover. Men like Caesar are dangerous and all Auriel wants is to stay alive.

Is Laurentius' love strong enough to erase their differences?

Mercy of Love: Digging for buried Roman treasure, archeologist Athena Preston finds more than she bargained for when an ancient ruby ring is found. Slipping the ring on her finger, Athena wakes to find herself staring into the intense eyes of Quintus Caesar himself. Caesar demands an explanation for why the beautiful servant is wearing his ring; an explanation Athena is at a loss to provide him.

With her life at stake, Athena seduces the young ruler, winning not only his heart, but his trust as well. Captured by time, and the Caesars love, Athena is no longer certain she wants to return to her world. However, as a scholar she knows the time of Quintus Caesars assassination - and it's only days away. Should she save the man she loves and risk changing the course of history?

Lives will never be the same, but will love survive the centuries?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60659-138-3
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 04/05/2009
Publisher: Phaze Books

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