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The Partners/The Guardians

Binary Stars 5

Author(s): Stevie Woods

The Heliotrope is a club run by two vampires, in a world that knows about their existence. 


Book One – The Partners

Rick, a young human, visits the Heliotrope because he’s curious about the accepted arrangement between vampires and humans where vampires receive blood in exchange for providing humans with sex. 

He catches the eye of one of the owners, Antoninus, and they are eventually joined by his business partner, Bohdri. Rick experiences the most wonderful sex of his life, but also learns the long complicated history between the two vampires. Does his casual interference help or hinder?

Book Two – The Guardian

David’s a Guardian, a vampire who has taken on the duty of protecting the humans from the rogue vampires who hunt for blood rather than obtaining it in amicable exchange. David’s on his way to the Heliotrope when he discovers a young human, Rick, being attacked and saves him. David is drawn to the young man.

They meet at the club a few times after that and David’s pleased to learn the attraction’s mutual. Very mutual. But can they have a relationship? A human and a vampire is difficult enough, but a human and a Guardian?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60659-952-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 07/28/2010
Publisher: Phaze Books

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