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Red (Razor's Edge Box Set)

Author(s): Jocelyn Michel

Six sexy vampire princesses are each on a mission, and they always get their men.

Publisher's Note: Needy, A Sip of Red, Cherry Red, Chocolate Covered Red, Red Gone Wild, and Red With A Capital A have been previously released as single titles under the pen names Jael Gates and Jocelyn Michel.


Razor's Edge: Red (Collection)
Jocelyn Michel
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Jocelyn Michel

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

When four men in business suits walked into my office at The Bat Castle on Wednesday, I immediately wondered if they were together -- as in together-together -- or if each wanted a date of his own. Two seconds later, I got my answer. They'd come on behalf of a "needy" friend. An all-work-no-play sort of someone who'd forgotten how to let loose and have fun.

Though this type of client usually wound up being assigned to one of the drop-dead gorgeous vampires I managed, when I heard the guy's name, I wanted to handle him myself. Simon Winchester, billionaire entrepreneur and most eligible bachelor on the planet. Not that anyone ever saw him with a date. According to his friends, he did nothing but work, work, work. They wanted a sexy vamp to remind him of what he was missing. In other words, they wanted him to play, play, play for a change.

I plotted Simon's seduction carefully, stalking him for a few days. He never saw me or suspected. No one is an invisible as a vamp who doesn't want to be seen. I quickly realized that his friends hadn't lied about the all-work thing. The man left his house at six in the morning. He returned at midnight, even on weekends. I wondered why he bothered going home at all. An air mattress on his office floor made more sense.

I made my move on a Monday. Since Simon seemed like a no-nonsense kind of guy, I dressed in low cut jeans with strategic tears, making sure their frayed hems hid my stripper heels. I also wore an oversized red T-shirt. Minimal makeup and a ponytail completed my natural look, and one glance in the mirror confirmed he'd truly have to be a genius to guess I wore lacy black undies and red stilettos underneath it all.

For the seduction to go as planned, I had to not only look like an office cleaner, I had to be one. So the minute I entered the twenty-story building that was Winchester Enterprises, I played my part. Simon's friends had worried that I might not be able to get inside the building. I assured them I'd have no problem at all. As predicted, the moment I said "Hello," the guard not only checked me in, but offered to personally escort me to my destination. Vamps have that effect on some people. We mystify them without even trying, which was the case tonight.

Ignoring the new bulge in the guard's pants, I gently refused the help and went to the elevators alone. I punched the button and eyed the contents of my plastic caddy, which held a few items other than window cleaner and wood polish. I had a few surprises in that caddy and up my sleeve.

I found the twentieth floor dark except for the rectangle of light that spilled from Simon's office suite. Pausing at a mirror just before I reached his door, I confirmed my look. Ordinary brown hair? Check. Big brown eyes? Check. Extraordinary tits? Check. Perfect ass? Check. Of course he'd have to undress me to uncover the last two traits. But the man still didn't have a chance.

I bit back excited laughter. Vamps love a good challenge and a hard fuck. I hoped my immediate future held both.

Before I entered the office, I followed my highly sensitive vamp nose to the janitorial closet and stole a vacuum cleaner. Then, straight faced and focused, I entered the suite and found myself in a reception area. I immediately went to work straightening the magazines and dusting the tabletops, all the while singing along with my iPod. Loudly. When that didn't draw Simon Winchester out, I began vacuuming. What a racket that made. Within seconds, he stepped from his office to find the source of the noise.

While waving a hello, I surreptitiously scoped him out from head to toe. Wow. The newspaper photos had not done the guy justice. He stood over six-feet tall, with dark hair and a sturdy, well-proportioned build. His eyes, blue as the ocean in sunlight, drew me in, but it was his mouth I liked best -- his mouth and his clothes, which were shockingly casual and way too discount store for a man in his position.

"Who are you?" he asked with a frown.

I turned my back to him and bent over to unplug the vacuum, taking my time so that he'd get a good long look at the tear in my jeans just over my ass. The vacuum died. I faced him again. "Sorry, what was that?"

"Who are you?" He sounded impatient.

"Megan Bennett, your new cleaning lady."

He rolled his eyes. "Come back next week. I'm working."

"But she told me I had to do this tonight."

"She, who?"

"Mrs. Landers. The building management supervisor." I'd done my homework.

"Forget that. I'm in charge here. Go."

"But she'll fire me, and I really, really need this job." Crocodile tears filled my eyes. Contrary to myth, vamps do not cry blood.

"I don't give a shit. I'm working. I need you gone five minutes ago."

"But my credit cards are maxed out, and I desperately need these shoes I saw at Tani last week." I referred to a designer shoe store down town.

He clearly hadn't expected that answer. "Err, clean the other offices, then."

"I already did. Yours is the only one left."

"You have my permission to skip it." He pivoted.

"I'm not leaving."

He pivoted again. "Yes, you are. Get out." Two spots of color appeared high on his cheeks. He now looked good and pissed.

"No." I crossed my arms over my chest and stood my ground.


"I said no. I'm not leaving until I finish here. Why don't you find something else to do for a few minutes? I promise I'll hurry."

Now his whole face turned scarlet. "Do you realize who you're talking to?"

I nodded. "Simon Winchester."

"Exactly. And what I say goes. So leave."

I shook my head.

His jaw dropped. Clearly the man wasn't used to being defied. Would he blow a gasket or back down? His friends had told me he hated confrontation to the point of hiring others to do his dirty work. Too bad none of them were around tonight... but that's what I'd counted on.

"How much are you getting paid per hour?"

"Eight dollars."

He dug a wad of money from his pocket and thrust a hundred dollar bill at me.

"What's this?" I asked, eyeing good ol' Ben Franklin.

"Way more than you'll get if you clean this office. Now go. Beat it." He handed me the money, turned and disappeared from view. I grabbed my caddy and followed. He huffed his exasperation. "What in the hell are you doing?"

"I can't take this money without earning it. I promise I'll be quick." I laid the money on his desk.

"But --"

"You won't even know I'm here."

"Shit. Fine then. Do your thing and get the hell out of here."

I quickly dug all my cleaners from the caddy and arranged them on the corner of his desk before spraying down his windows and wiping them dry with paper towels. I moved with an exaggerated wiggle, using the glass as a mirror to gauge his reaction. He didn't even watch me.

Hmm. A real hard ass. Did he have a hard dick, too? That was my goal. I straightened. I dusted. I vacuumed. Simon fumed the whole time, but said nothing.

"Where's your trash can?"

He ignored me.

I cleared my throat really loudly and practically shouted, "Where's your trash?"

With a feral growl as good as any vamp's, he scooted his chair back a little and pointed under his enormous walnut desk. I saw a fancy wastebasket there and deliberately bent over his right knee to pick it up, which I knew bared my back and the top of my ass cheeks to his view. Since vamps have super hearing, I heard his heart rate kick up a notch.

I took that as a good sign. We were finally getting somewhere.

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