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All Dressed Up (Trick or Treat :4)

Author(s): Ashlynn Monroe

Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treating. Sometimes it's about playing dress up. When Isaac's wife brings home a friend on Halloween, he never expects them to show him just what his sex life has been missing or that demons are real. Will he be willing to share his wife with two demons?


All Dressed Up (Trick Or Treat)
Ashlynn Monroe
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ashlynn Monroe

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Ronnie put her hand on Suzy's butt as the hot blonde unlocked the door. Suzy stiffened and turned.

"Sorry," Ronnie whispered, trying to sound sincere, but she wasn't. She'd missed Suzy, and this trip was her big chance to tell her friend the truth. Ronnie wanted to make love to Suzy, but more importantly, she wanted to confess to her demon heritage.

Ronnie knew Suzy was committed to her husband, but Ronnie hoped she'd finally give into temptation. They'd caught up over lunch, but Ronnie hadn't been honest about what she'd been up to. She'd been spending most of her time in the demon world.

Suzy had grown up knowing various tribes of demons existed, but Ronnie worried about how she'd react to Ronnie's secret. Ronnie had kept her true nature private for so many years she worried Suzy might feel betrayed.

There was only one way to find out. Ronnie's only wish on this trip was to show her friend how good it could be with a woman. They'd been so close in college, but neither had acted on the attraction they'd felt. Ronnie had planned to make her play right after graduation, but then Suzy had surprised everyone by marrying quickly and conservatively during her last term.

"Hi, honey," Suzy chirped as they entered the kitchen. "Remember Roneka?"

Isaac was displeased, but he held out his hand. Ronnie noticed how uncomfortable he seemed. When she stepped around the counter, she saw why. The poor guy had a raging boner.

Ronnie glanced at Suzy. She was already digging around in the fridge to prepare dinner. Ronnie knew the woman hadn't noticed her husband's dilemma. A small smile touched Ronnie's lips. It was time for Suzy to come out of the closet, and for lover boy to show his true colors. Nice conservative dudes don't get midday boners. She doubted Mr. Straight-laced was as perfect as his wife believed he was.

"Since we decided to go to that party at the club next to where we ate lunch maybe we should get dressed in our Halloween costumes early. I want to see what you look like as a nurse. It'll be fun to see what would've happened if you hadn't changed your major," Ronnie suggested.

Suzy giggled.

Isaac's eyes widened. "You're really going to wear that out?"

Suzy's face fell. "Uhh..."

"Of course she is. Halloween costumes are the best if they show the most skin. Wait until you see mine! Suzy helped me pick it out after we ate," Ronnie interjected quickly before Suzy could change her mind. She could feel tension between the couple. Isaac looked nervous and Suzy appeared embarrassed.

"Isaac, could you help Ronnie with her bags and show her the spare room?" Suzy gave Ronnie one of her unintentionally sexy smiles. "I just put fresh sheets on the bed so you should be nice and cozy."

Roneka pondered how she'd really like Suzy to make her cozy in bed as she followed her friend's husband down a narrow hallway. He was walking funny, and she knew he was trying to hide his erection. She wasn't going to make it easy on him.

"Your wife has a great body," Ronnie purred when she was sure Suzy wouldn't hear.

Isaac whirled to stare at her. Mr. Conservative's eyes were wide.

Ronnie smiled. "You've got one sexy wife, Isaac. I don't know if she's told you, but I'm bi. She's the one girl I always wanted, but never got."

"Re-really?" His voice cracked. She'd piqued his curiosity, and to her delight, she didn't detect a single hint of censure.

"I've always imagined how good it would be with her, but sadly she's all yours now." Isaac didn't say another word, but Ronnie noticed him adjusting himself discreetly out of the corner of her eye. "Have you ever had a menage?"

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