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Moonlit Watcher

Moonlit Novella #2

Author(s): Crystal-Rain Love

 He watches her, until watching is no longer enough…

Juliana Van Alder has fled the bright lights of New York, leaving the Broadway stage behind to discover the source of what's been drawing her to the North Carolina woods.

What she discovers is unexpected danger, and a gorgeous, powerful man who just happens to be a wolf. She's found her soulmate, but there's one little problem...Derek Kingston is a wolf determined to protect her, and he can’t be tamed.


 Frowning, she studied the steady rise and fall of the man's chest. His wound had healed when he shifted into human form, not a drop of blood on him, but he was still unconscious, which worried her. She laughed bitterly. What would her parents think if they knew she'd just brought this man into her home? Mr. and Mrs. Van Alder would have fussed more over her bringing a black man inside her home than a werewolf. He could hide his werewolf side. He couldn’t hide the fact he wasn’t part of New York’s crusty, white, spoiled elite.
Leaning forward, she reached down to lay her hand on his forehead and check for a temperature. Did werewolves get fever? His head was hotter than she would have liked to have found it. Guilt gnawed at her. She'd cut him with a silver knife in order to get the bullet out of him. “Idiot,” she chastised herself, and felt the base of his neck. He was warm there as well.
She thought of going into the bathroom and wetting a rag to lie across his forehead, but couldn't pull her hand away from all that muscled perfection. Sitting beside him on the bed she allowed her hand to travel over his pecs, reveling in the feel of cotton stretched over hard muscle.
His hand snared her wrist and she was flipped onto her back, the man pinning her to the bed with his larger body. She gasped, but didn't speak, lost in the predatory gleam of his dark brown eyes.
“Where am I?” His deep voice came out as a growl. It sent chills down Juliana's spine and she struggled not to let him see the effect.
“You're in my home, in my bedroom.” She lightly pulled on her hand and found he wouldn't let go. “You were shot outside.”
“I remember being shot.” His dark eyes narrowed. “Who is here helping you?”
“No one is here with me.”
“Don't lie to me, woman.” His eyes glowed red for a second before he brought them back under control. “I did not walk in here.”
“I dragged you inside.” She licked her lips, nervous but not scared. She still didn't think he'd hurt her, but he was clearly agitated. “I didn't want to leave you out there in case the hunters came back.”
His eyes widened but for only a brief moment before a veil seemed to fall over them, hiding any emotion he might feel. “You are very strong for such a small woman.” He lowered his head and sniffed along her neck. It was all Juliana could do not to moan. “I do not smell fear on you.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): B00BGLZY9Y
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 10/25/2013
Publisher: Crystal-Rain Love

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Book Format: .ePub

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