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Halloween Romance

Author(s): Donaya Haymond

Selene believes Ferdinand would abandon her if he knew she was a werewolf, something that isn't supposed to exist. Ferdinand hides his vampirism from her for the same reasons, and must also hide from a world that thinks he's evil. He's just a melancholy English major who had a serious misadventure last summer. She's just a college student with a bizarre family history. A comedy of secrets and a romance of accepting what makes us different.


I have a condition that makes me, um, sensitive to strong light. My name is Ferdinand, by the way.

Ferdinand? She had visions of German counts and friendly bulls.

He shrugged. My roommates call me Ferdin and my mother says Ferdy, when she's in a good mood.

Selene couldn't repress a giggle. Ferdy doesn't suit you at all, especially in that vampire get-up. What color are your eyes, really?

He stared off into space for a moment, then said, Blue...Your costume. What creature are you supposed to be?

Selene grinned. Nobody gets it on first try. I forgot all about the party until this morning, and didn't have time to put a costume together, so I just came as a werewolf on the other twenty-nine nights of the month.

Clever! he said, amused. I've never seen such a good-looking werewolf in all my life. Are you flirting with me?

Aren't vampires supposed to be oversexed?

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-926704-26-5
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926704-17-3
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 07/07/2009
Publisher: Eternal Press

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