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Magical Gains

Author(s): Nicola E. Sheridan

When wishes are forbidden, what’s a Genie to do?

Imran is sexy. He is available, but taking anything from him is illegal and could land you in prison or, at the very least, with an extraordinarily large tax bill.

Imran is a Genie and Primrose a government employee, and in a world where magic is heavily governed to ensure equality for all, their relationship appears doomed from the start.

When Primrose finds herself the unwilling mistress of a hot male Genie, her stifling suburban lifestyle is shattered. Thrust into the steamy Free Zone, filled with lascivious Satyrs and treacherous Sirens, Primrose discovers that three wishes can give her anything she needs, but can they give what she truly wants?


Then you’ve got to go!” she exclaimed.

I can’t do that,” Imran replied, his white wolfish teeth glistening in his tanned face. “I’m your Genie,” he said. “I can’t go until you’ve had your three wishes.” He spoke softly and his voice had an indefinable accent, though he spoke in perfect English.

It’s illegal! The granting of wishes has been banned in Australia for three years! I could be put into a detention center or worse. Try and pay Magical Gains tax! No one can afford Magical Gains taxes!”

Imran sank down onto the squeaking leather sofa, disappointed by Primrose’s unfriendly response. He ran a hand through his short spiky hair and the gesture was ripe with masculine sexuality. Primrose quite involuntarily felt something flip in her stomach.

Just make three little wishes. No one will know,” Imran urged smoothly.

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Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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