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A Taste of Love and Blood

Author(s): Mary G. Bird

Sweet Tooth
Sometimes a girl is a slave to her addictions. Anna is your average vampire, convinced by someone she loved to give up her mortality, but some cravings don't die with her. Strolling through the myriad of sweet scents wafting from Sweet Tooth, she pauses to catch a glimpse of the man who creates such mouth watering desires.

Late one night Jonathan is compelled to save a damsel in distress, but is she really the one in distress? A single act of chivalry quickly becomes an experience that will change his life forever.

A woman plagued by bad luck finds her newest chapter in miseryor does she? Laurie is assigned the job of collecting blood from a corpse only to find that some people just won't die! Ethan awakes in the emergency room, to find the woman of his dreams prepared to open one of his veins. Will he be able to win her heart or will the curse that is his life force her to her ruin?

Hit and Run
Emily thought living far from the city would be safer until she ran over a sexy stranger late one night. Will she be able to keep her senses or will she be swept into the fantasies she writes only to find they're real?

Val was a woman who knew how to survive without a man. Dallas had been content to live with his creator until a pair of newcomers had driven him from his home, until he came to a stop in Val's territory. Would he be able to convince the woman who holds his heart and his life in her hands that he was telling the truth or would she run him out of her territory?

Some Things Fade
Samuel has suffered pain, the memory of his wife's suicide weighs heavily on his conscious. Kelly is an artist; she conquers all canvases, even skin. When Samuel decides to refresh his memory of the pain that will not fade Kelly finds herself entranced by a stranger only to learnsome things never fade.

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-61235-172-8
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 04/25/2011
Publisher: Melange Books

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