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Suzien's Second Love

Author(s): Patrizia Murray

Can a wary, unwilling, age-bigoted cougar change her staid life for a determined man eleven years her junior? Or will she settle for an older, equally staid man who promises stability instead of hot sex?

Suzien has a settled but dull life with her son and both sets of her sons grandparents. She hasnt dated since her one true love was killed in a plane crash while she was pregnant. Can John, a man eleven years her junior, make her see that love knows no age? That he loves her for everything about her, not just the looks that may fade long before his looks do? Can the hot sex between them change Suziens mind about being seen by the town and the grandparents as a cougar?


John was still fully dressed, and Suzien wanted to feel his skin, and make him feel the same ecstasy as he was showing her, but her hands couldnt seem to pull his shirt out of his waistband, or work the buttons on his jeans, and she heard him murmur, No Darlin, this one is only for you.

OhmyGod, was he going to make her come alone? While was watching her? She reddened at that thought, but now she was too horny to consider anything except her approaching orgasm.

He gently spread her thighs, and blew on the wet spots his tongue was creating, and opened her flower-like lips. He breathed in her musky scent, that seemed to immerse his senses in all that was Suzien. His thumbs spread her opening even farther, and he gazed in wonder at the full, engorged, wet wonders before his face. He began to lick her lips and taste the nectar waiting just for him. He stroked her clit and watched the cream ooze from her for him, all for him. She was so beautiful he had trouble holding back his climax.

Suzien would have been embarrassed to have someone see her up so close and personal, if she hadnt been levitating to get closer to all the sensations he was creating in her. Steve had never even looked at her down there. Oral sex for him had meant Suzien licking and sucking him, but he had returned the favor only fleetingly and grudgingly. She was pretty sure Steve kept his eyes closed the whole time. She had no idea that any man would want to actually look at her like John was doing.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724239
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 06/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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