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Dangerous Motives

Men of Danger: Book 4

Author(s): Blake Deveraux

Is Prince Charming just a mythical character?

 Dr. Joseph Demitri is sure certain he’s met and married his Prince Charming. Charles is both handsome and kind. His new partner has proven his love and respect for both the doctor and his young son time and time again. Their world seems to be fairy tale.

 That world is shattered when a vicious murder takes place in the quiet suburb of Atlanta they call home. When Charles is implicated in the murder, the evidence begins to mount, threatening and overwhelming.  Most frightening of all, Charles had both motive and opportunity.

 The doctor begins to doubt his partner, wondering if their lives have been an apparition, a trick of smoke and mirrors, the product of a cunning, charming chameleon.

 Can Joseph rip away the veils hiding a killer or will his love be the next victim?



Joe stood silent outside the suite, the door ajar. He knew Charles was inside.  Pushing the door open, he saw Charles packing a bag furiously. Normally Charles bordered on the obsessive when it came to carefully handling his clothing. Joe had assumed it was a result of his very meager means early in life. His belongings were always carefully arranged. Tonight though, Charles crammed his clothing hurriedly into the small leather bag.

Joe found himself growing angry. Charles had upset his entire life. He’d allowed himself to become a fixture in Braden’s life, now, he was leaving. He wondered how much of their life had been true, and how much was a fabrication designed to lure the doctor into a relationship.

“Don’t worry asshole, I’ll be out of your room soon!” The words reverberated off the plaster walls and marble floor.

The longer the doctor considered the ruse that Charles had spun, the more it infuriated him. He wondered now if he’d even been abused by his father, or if perhaps his father was the victim of Charles’ rage. The fact that he’d used Joe’s compassion as a psychiatrist to make the doctor fall in love with him infuriated Joe further. Joe paced across the floor. He grabbed the bag Charles was packing and threw it violently against the wall. The contents sailed over the room as burning anger rose up in the doctor, spilling over in heated words. “I want a goddamn explanation, Charles! I think I deserve some fucking answers now.”

Charles turned emotionless toward the strewn clothing. He knelt, scooping up the clothing into the leather bag. “I don’t owe you a goddamn thing!”

Joe’s face flushed hot with rage. He was a grown man. He wasn’t a small man, nor was he an idiot, yet he’d allowed this man to somehow con him, and, even worse, intimidate him physically. He grabbed Charles by the arm pulling him hard upward. Sanity seemed a distant reality as the situation spiraled wildly out of control. The fact that regardless of what Charles had done, Joe still loved this man. Yet he feared him and what he might be capable of doing to either Joe or his son. The awful contradiction made his gut ache.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0043-4
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 04/07/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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