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It Had to be You

Author(s): Honey Jans

Candy Blake hasn’t set foot in Morris Point, WI since she roared past her graduation ceremony on her Harley. Now she’s been lured back for two reasons--to help Ma, her former boss, after heart surgery; and to launch her lingerie catalog Candy Wear with a publishing company in a nearby town.

Pestered into attending her ten-year high school reunion she isn’t looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the snobbish kids who’d made her life hell. She’s moved on since those days becoming a successful lingerie model and designer but she still has a chip on her shoulder concerning those who treated her badly, especially the Morris family.

Greg Morris watches Candy enter the ballroom and is just as captivated by her beauty as he had been when her business plan had hit his desk six months ago. If she’d had any inkling that a Morris was at the helm of Pinnacle Publishing, he knew she’d run a mile in the other direction.

He knows she won’t recognize him as the nerd she’d dubbed “The Toad” and he’s counting on one magical night to make her see in a new light.

 Will a night of passion make her realize that It Had To Be You?




“Look, Greg, that biker chick is here. Remember how she tore through the football field on her Harley, half naked, during graduation? I guess they must have mailed her diploma. Oh, that’s right. I guess you were at military school then.”

Greg Morris smiled as he pictured Candy speeding by the ceremony wearing only a smile and a string bikini as she shook up the crowd. Thanks to his father’s interference, Greg had been cooling his heels at St Sebastian’s Military Academy at the time. By the time he’d graduated from that penitentiary, Candy was long gone.

Greg stepped away from his booze-soaked former class-mate while he made a mental note to see about getting him into Morris Papers’ treatment program. It was one hour into their ten-year high school reunion and Chad Daly, one of his key employees at his subsidiary company, Pinnacle Publishing, was already soused.

Greg’s gaze snapped over to the registration table. Candace Blake was sticking a nametag onto her silver evening gown. Sweet Candy with the butterscotch hair and soft, pink lips. Greg had often wondered if she’d taste like butterscotch. Tonight, he hoped to find out. The sight of her made him groan under his breath.

After spending the past three months studying her business proposal and photographs, he already knew that her good looks were all that he remembered and more. Her long, long legs inflamed his imagination. She had the body of a Botticelli nude, the face of an angel, and most of all, and attitude in spades.

He knew that she probably wouldn’t recognize him and he was counting on one magical night to make her see him in a new light. The Candy-Wear account would bolster Pinnacle Publishing’s bottom line. Pinnacle Publishing was his baby. But Greg didn’t just want her business. He wanted her.

The proud tilt of her head said don’t touch me to any male who might take her sultry appearance as an open invitation. He wasn’t deterred by her feisty attitude. On the con-trary, he was intrigued by it. This summer he intended to right old wrongs, make a new life for himself, and find out exactly what made Sweet Candy tick.

Greg moved to a secluded corner and pulled out his cell phone, ready to set his plan in motion.



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ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4345-0094-6
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 09/29/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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