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Costa Rican Heat

Author(s): Bobbi Brattz

When Jada McKenzie meets her internet pal for the first time, she is swept off her feet and whisked away to Costa Rica but has no idea she will be the dessert on the menu for two. Her greatest experience with sex is from watching adult videos, which leaves a lot to be desired, in her opinion.                        

Though Jada does her best to escape Tait Bennett and Mike Turner when she finds out what they have in store for her, they soon show her what amazing sex in a ménage a trois is all about. With the belief she’ll go to hell for it, she decides to accept their offer of total ecstasy and dares to be decadent.

After two weeks of bliss, she falls for them both yet must decide if she wants to stay with them forever more, or go back to her humdrum life in Toronto. Dare she live life to the fullest and be mistress for two, or will love find its way into each of their hearts and make three into one?





“Um, I never told you my name, Tait. How is it you knew it?” Jada had suddenly realized that he hadn’t asked her what her name was. During their correspondence they’d only gone by their email chat names, ‘I’m For Paradise’, and ‘Take Me There’.

“I know a lot about computers. I was able to look you up,” he said, avoiding her eyes as he worked on the lobster.

“That’s kind of creepy. You may be perfect in every way on the outside, but how do I know you aren’t a mass murderer?”

“You met my friend, Mike, didn’t you? He’s a cop. Doesn’t that give me brownie points?”

“Ah…yeah, I guess.”

She tilted her head slightly while she thought about that. Just as she was about to ask another question he held up a piece of the tender white meat dripping with butter.

About to accept his offering, Jada laughed and held her napkin over her chest to catch the butter.

With a frown, Tait sat back, the fork held in his hand as butter dribbled on the plate.

“You are absolutely no fun at all! How am I going to get to kiss those beautiful globes again if we don’t make a mess?”

Though she knew that Tait was only teasing, the word ‘mess’ brought a reminder of her earlier fiascos, and her laughter died. Putting down her napkin, she picked up her handbag.

“Maybe I should just go. I mean, you’re obviously comfortable in this environment and I’m…well, I’m just a plain old city girl who barely does well in a burger joint. I’d better…”

Tait took her hand in his and stopped her with a gentle tug.

“Listen, I want to be honest with you. I know more about you because Mike and I gathered a small profile on you. There’s a reason,” he said quickly when she tried to pull away

Panic caused her heart to race as she stared at him, Lea’s dire warning flashing through her mind. “What? You’re scaring me.” Jada began to tremble. Lea may have been right after all. Perhaps she should call 911 on him!

“Don’t leave yet, please?” His eyes beseeched her while he waited for her answer.

With his free hand he reached into his inside jacket pocket, pulled out some papers and handed them to her.

When he released her hand, she accepted them and opened the first packet to look at the contents then gasped. Her name was on an airline ticket!

“Costa Rica? Why, this is for two weeks!”

“Yes, and the other one is for me. As I said, I know enough about you to know that I want to go away with you. I’d like to get to know you in person, Jada. You’ve fascinated me online over the past six months we’ve been chatting. I’ve already squared it with your employer and you can leave with me tonight. You don’t even have to pack a thing. I’ve got it all covered.”

“Are you insane? My boss isn’t going to let me just disappear without notice!”

“Check the other document.” Nodding, Tait waited for her to open the embossed stationary from her office.

“But this is from the boss of all bosses! It says; My dear Miss…take two weeks vacation…Tait is a good man…Here is a check for your vacation pay!” Her eyes flew up to meet his. How could you possibly get our letterhead? And where did you learn to forge my boss’s signature?” Anger suffused her cheeks with heat and her hands shook as she looked back down at the page.

With a deep laugh, Tait grinned then pulled out his cell phone.

“I have Anthony Webb’s home number. Call him.”

“He wouldn’t give you the number; it’s private. Besides, I know it like the back of my hand and you couldn’t possibly have—” As she stared at the cell phone, she was amazed to see Mr. Webb’s phone number on the screen. Tait pressed talk and moved the phone to her ear.

Automatically, she accepted it and waited for the man to answer. When he did, she said, “Hello, Mr. Webb? This is Jada McKenzie from Webb, Mason, Hernandez, and Shultz, I’m the—Oh, you know who I am. Do you know—Yes, him. Two weeks, starting tonight? And the check? Yes, I have it. Okay. Thank you, sir. Goodbye.” Her voice trailed off to a whisper. Once she’d closed the cell, she stared down at it in stunned amazement.

Tait gently took it from her and her eyes shot up to meet his.

“He said that he knows you well. You’re for real?”

“In the flesh, you can pinch me if you want to!” He chuckled. “I’m a wealthy man, Jada. I’m very careful about who I date. That’s why I gathered information on you first.”

“Two weeks of fun in the sun in Costa Rica, hmm? Can we have lots of hot sex?” Suddenly, she slapped a hand over her mouth when she realized what she’d said.

“I hoped you’d want to, though if you’d just rather go with me on vacation platonically, I’ll understand. However, I can guarantee there will be lots of wild, passionate sex if you’re game, and that it will be very hot!” His sultry look made her squirm in her seat with excitement.

“Oh, I’ll probably go to hell for this but…what time do we leave?”

A pleased grin spreading on his handsome features, Tait pulled her close and kissed her until she was dizzy.

“We have enough time to drip a little more butter on you, then we’re off.”

“Well, let’s get dripping then! What am I paying you people for, anyway? Holy crap, I’m going to Costa Rica!” With a squeal of joy, Jada threw her arms around Tait’s neck and hugged him tight.



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