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Mia's Blind Date

Patrizia Murray

Author(s): Patrizia Murray

Heroines you want for friends, Heroes you want for lovers

What is The Blind Date about?

While Rob is being held hostage by rebel forces who have kidnapped him from his oil rig job, Mia is about to marry Colby. After a hilarious meeting at a blind date, Mia and Rob have parted over his decision to leave her for two years and work in the volatile Mid-East. Rob dreams of returning to Mia, and Mia realizes she can’t marry Colby till she finds out Rob’s fate. Will she wait for Mr. Right or settle for Mr. Right Now?



That was the trouble, thought Mia. She DID want Colby. It had been some weeks since she had last been with Rob, and her libido was humming with Colby’s closeness. She wondered if the multiple orgasms with Rob had made her that much more sensitized to lovemaking. She had started using her vibrator almost every night, she was so hot for Rob.

She felt Colby’s furry leg next to her shaven one, and his chest hair tickled her shoulder when he put his arm around her. The wine, and the heated water relaxed her just enough to cause Mia to abandon her senses to the hot and cold, the swirling water, the feel of a virile man next to her, and Rob suddenly seemed farther away than he had even an hour ago.

Colby lowered his mouth to hers, and gently probed her opening mouth with his tongue. He seemed in no great hurry to do anything else, but Mia’s nipples were tingling and causing little pings of desire to form in her womb. So far, Colby hadn’t touched her sexually, just his lips on hers. She wound her arms around his waist and melted into him.

He pulled her onto his lap, knowing no one could see through the mists, and spread her legs so that she straddled his hips. She could feel the heavy bulge of his erection reaching up past her waist, and then she felt Colby’s fingers slip inside the crotch of her suit, and touch her hot lower lips.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725762
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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