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My Booty Call Valentine

The Edge Series

Author(s): Samantha Cayto

A snowy Valentine’s Day means pizza for one and another lonely night for the now-divorced Aaron. Or so he thinks. Then a knock on his door introduces him to the decadent delights of choc-wine and sexy new Senate staffer, Susan. She’s offering him one night, but if he’s a very good boy, it might turn into more.


His visitor’s eyebrows rose above her lovely green eyes in an obvious question. After a second or two of continued silence, she said, “Okay, here’s the story. We’ve been eyeing each other around the halls of the Senate for several weeks now. This is my first Valentine’s Day without the man I dated and lived with for over five years. He was supposed to be ‘the one.’ But when I received the career-altering offer to become the junior senator from Massachusetts’ chief of staff, he refused to move down here with me or maintain a long-distance relationship. He said those things never work out when in reality he was looking for an excuse to bang his dentist. I should have known his smile was getting way too bright.”

She paused and swiped at a trickle of water running down her cheek. Aaron’s gaze followed the movement, and his tongue twitched. He pictured lapping up the moisture and reversing course to trace the edge of her face. He imagined capturing the pretty pink lips that were going a mile a minute and holding them in a bruising kiss. He wasn’t sure where all this talk of an ex was leading but his cock sure wanted to follow.

“Anyway, I’ve checked up on you and am convinced that you’re not gay and probably don’t have a freezer full of severed heads. Word is you got divorced a year ago and aren’t known to date. I figure with this weather you’re in for the night. The way you people down here tend to panic when there’s only a dusting of snow, it was a safe enough bet. Why don’t I join you?” She held up the bag. “I stopped at my new favorite wine store, Valentino’s, and bought a bottle of choco-wine. Ever had any?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61333-221-4
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 02/14/2012
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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