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Anything For Charity

Author(s): Sara Fitzgerald

To launch her career as a reporter, Charity Smith must write a story about the media shy billionaire, Ryan Foster. 


Ryan’s heart was broken when his young niece died of cancer. Now he dresses up like a clown and performs charity work at the local hospital.   The last thing he needs is a reporter invading his privacy, but the moment he meets Charity and her scowling teenage brother, he finds himself falling head over heels in love with her.  Soon he wonders if he will indeed…do anything for Charity? 

The clown took a red balloon from his pocket and began blowing it up. “You think about what kind you want, in the meantime I’ll make one for your--”

“Sister,” Charity added.

He quickly twisted the balloon into a heart and smiled at her. “You’ve captured my heart,” he said, finishing the balloon.

Charity couldn’t help but smile. What a romantic clown, not to mention his deep blue eyes could capture any woman’s attention. Even in his clown suit, she could tell he worked out. His body was hard and lean.

Too bad Kirk wouldn’t just give the guy a break and let him make a balloon for him. After all, the guy was trying so hard to win her brother over.

Kirk abruptly stood. “I don’t want a stupid balloon!”

Charity jumped up, trying to grab Kirk’s arm to stop him from whatever he was thinking of doing. “Kirk, please, don’t make a scene. Remember what your therapist said. Remember about controlling--”

The man held his hands up, looking totally confused. “Look kid, I’m real sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any problems, okay?”

Kirk nodded at him, then swung his fist right into the guy’s stomach. The clown quickly doubled over from Kirk’s surprise attack and the brutal force of her brother’s fury.

Charity gasped. That had to hurt. Kirk may only be fifteen, but he was big for his age. She couldn’t believe her brother just did that. She hoped the poor clown wasn’t hurt too badly.

She leaned in to check the doubled over man. “I’m so sorry.  I can’t tell you how sorry I am. Should I take you to the hospital? Is anything broken?”

He looked up at her in a daze. “Just my heart,” he mumbled, holding up the remains of the red balloon.

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ISBN (Print): 189726108X
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Date Published: 05/30/2007
Publisher: Champagne Books

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