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Thousand Dollar Pharaoh

Author(s): Sherry Silver

Sacrificing her heart…for her country
She never thought she would have to sacrifice this much for her country…
In 1945, a beautiful undercover secret service agent has a dangerous assignment. United States thousand dollar bills are turning up all over the globe. Bodyguarding the widowed former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, Chloe must tread lightly and include her in what the first lady views as a thrilling cozy mystery. Can she protect Mrs. Roosevelt, unmask the counterfeiting ringleader and throw the swift fist of justice while traveling from Egypt to Washington to London with a royal mummy’s severed arm and a peculiar sand cat? Agent Chloe Lambert takes a bullet for her country and suffers the government's inexcusable intrusion into her private affairs. She will stop at nothing to complete this mission…

August 1945 in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt
A redhead lay face down on the dusty earthen floor. Moaning as she regained consciousness, Chloe raised her head and twisted it from side to side, struggling to understand. Where was she? Searing pain in her upper right arm jolted her back to her surreal reality. When she had signed on to become a United States Secret Service Agent in the counterfeiting division, they neglected to mention all of the occupational hazards. She quickly learned that the missions providing an adrenaline rush always seemed to end in physical pain. Reaching over and snatching the three-thousand year old arm for leverage, she struggled to stand as she allowed her eyes to adjust to the flicker from a stubby red candle on the floor of the burial chamber. Oh God, no. Who desecrated this mummy...?
Chloe tried to clear her mind and figure out how she got there. She remembered tripping down some wooden stairs and grunting on a landing. As she clambered up, two men appeared at the top of the steps and chased after her. She scurried down, rounded three corners and squeezed into a small breech in an earthen wall. Did I loose them? No, they must’ve knocked me out cold. But my head doesn’t really hurt. Did they make their getaway or are they lurking, waiting to finish me off after they interrogate me?
What’s that smell? I know that smell. From where? She closed her eyes tight. Remembering a winter night. White fur coat and Bill...Hundred Dollar Bill...the printing room at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington. Up on the catwalk...the flash...six shots ringing out...the last one louder...the silhouette blowing smoke from the gun. The lithe shadow walking into blackness...her lavender French perfume commingled with hair lacquer and cigarette smoke. Bill’s assailant...his wife loomed there. Is here somewhere now.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726387
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 03/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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