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Secrets Of Fae

Author(s): EB Ryan

Alex Chase may be high priestess of the Fae realm, but that doesn't stop threats from being made on her life. The secrets of her power have been leaked to an evil vampire faction, and Alex finds herself in a race against time to stop them from and getting their hands on a book of prophecies.  As Alex learns more about her powers, she begins to doubt her own relationship with her boyfriend, Xavier. She also suspects her mentor, Paralda, of manipulating her life in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy.
Not knowing who to trust, Alex takes matters into her own hands, and begins to take charge of her own destiny to save Fae.  Alex will do whatever it takes even if the consequences of her actions make her more diabolical than any of the creatures she faces.
“Alex, you and I need to have a chat,” Paralda said, looking at me. Then she turned to Dante, and said, “You get some rest. I’ll have the knights start working on changing the spell so it will take Radu some time to find a way in.”
I kissed Dante’s forehead, assuring him I’d see him soon, then walked out of the room with Paralda. The doctor stood outside the door and rushed back in as soon as we opened it, obviously concerned about Dante’s welfare.
Paralda led me back to her rooms on the sixth floor of the castle. Once inside, she conjured up some food and chairs, and we sat. I picked up an apricot and started nibbling, waiting for an explanation. Paralda sat in her chair, looking down at her lap, thumbs making slow circles around each other. If I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn she was nervous. I cleared my throat and Paralda looked up.
“Do I need to repeat my question, Paralda?” I finally asked.
“No, Alex,” she said softly. “I’m just trying to think of the best way to explain this without having you lose your temper.”
“Paralda, just tell me what’s going on. You’re starting to scare me.”
I had a pretty good idea what she was going to tell me, but I took a deep breath, clasped my hands in my lap and waited for the explanation.
“All right,” Paralda said. “Fae has an ancient text that was written by a sylph prophet, Ezazeal, over three thousand years ago. It’s called Specialis Mediocris, or in layman’s terms, Secrets of Fae, and everything that has come to pass within the supernatural world was predicted within that text.”
“Okay, I’m following so far,” I said. “It’s an ancient text, written by a prophet, not unlike Nostradamus in the mortal realm. So?”
“It’s far more accurate than Nostradamus. It predicted major events such as the fall of the gods, the destruction of Atlantis, and smaller ones, such as the birth of your father—and yours.”
I was surprised, but tried to remain calm. “Okay, I’m guessing the book says more about me.”
I clasped my hands tightly, afraid of where the conversation was going. I remembered Raoul’s contention that Paralda had arranged theunion between Xavier and me as a way to infiltrate the mortal realm and assume control. I couldn’t help wondering if he’d been telling the truth.
Paralda hesitated a moment, then continued, “Yes. The book predicted that a high priestess would reunite the supernatural world, and that the worlds would again roam free.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454138
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 05/07/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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