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Choosing Darkness

Author(s): Kat Orion

Choosing Darkness by Kat Orion
erotic fantasy short story
pairing: M/F
length: short story

Once Erin discovered her boyfriend wasn’t quite human, she had some choices to make. Her mind told her to run, but her body wanted only the erotic pleasures he could provide. Could she choose darkness…and still keep her soul?


In the darkness I smoothed my fingers over the firm, sculpted lines of his back. Even sleeping, I felt the power that lay coiled within his muscles. Streetlights filtered through the lace curtains, barely enough light to see by, but I knew him enough by touch, that when I traced my fingers over the sinew of his arms, he awakened.

He said nothing, made no motion that told me he knew that I knew he no longer slept. I lay there, curled around him, my breasts just touching his back, his buttocks snug against my pelvis. Gently, I draped my arm around his waist, my fingers barely touching his skin.

I worried my lip, hoping he wouldn’t feel the slight movement of my jaw through the pillow. Fear didn’t lead me to hope he hadn’t noticed my wakening, just a sense of unease. I had questions that needed answers, thoughts swirling through my mind like a maelstrom. Though he lay next to me, his slender and strong body like that of any man, I couldn’t dismiss what I had seen. The strange shadow he cast, not quite human, yet nothing I’d seen before either.

“Erin.” His soft voice floated through the darkness.

“Mmm,” I murmured in reply. Beneath my hand I felt his erection rising, and I expected him to gently place my hand a few inches lower on his waist so that I could feel the extent of his arousal. Not that I wouldn’t mind it if he did, for my own body had begun to tighten in response. My nipples tingled where they touched his back.

“Is everything okay?” The soft words took me by surprise. Did he feel the tentative touch of my fingers, as if I caressed him in a futile attempt to believe him as human as I? Did he know I lay here, wondering what I had brought into my bed and my heart? I didn’t know, but suspected the answers might scare me. The element of fear aroused me like nothing I had known before.

I remained silent. Not for any worry I might about his reaction, but because I really didn’t want to face the answers. My fingers drifted in little circles over his hipbones. Beneath my touch, I felt the strong muscles of his abdomen. His dick lay semi-hard just inches out of reach. I thought about circling it with my hands, stroking him until he rose in his full glory. We would fuck then, that much I knew, and as long as we were locked in the sweet embrace of sexual release, I wouldn’t have to think about it.

My hand stilled.

“Yeah,” I muttered, though even to my own ears I didn’t sound convincing.

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Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 08/29/2012
Publisher: Undina Press

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