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Reflected Love

Author(s): Karenna Colcroft

Reflected Love by Karenna Colcroft
Spellbound Treasure
erotic paranormal (elves/fae) romance long novella (about 42000 words)
ISBN# 9780983589259
Cover Art by Winterheart Design

Ralie has moved into a new apartment, and the antique mirror she finds on an online auction site is the perfect addition to her bedroom.

Fae soldier Listrial has no need for the mirror he finds in a peddler’s tent while on patrol. But the mirror calls to him, and the small amount of coin he carries is just enough to purchase it.

Through the mirror, Ralie and Listrial discover each other. Is the mirror powerful enough to bring a human and a Fae together? And can their love surmount their differences?


Up close, the carvings were so beautifully intricate that Ralie caught her breath. Tiny pictures of men and women embracing. Small hearts and flowers. The air around her and the package hummed with power, and she knew without a doubt that the Spellbound Treasure site’s warning had been right. Her purchase had brought her much more than she’d anticipated.

“Sure it did,” she scolded herself. “Magic mirrors really exist outside of fairy tales. Good grief, Ralie, be reasonable.”

“Magic does exist,” a quiet female voice informed her.

Ralie whirled around. “Who’s there?”

“A friend.”

No one else had entered the apartment. She knew that. The building was secure, and even if one of the other tenants had buzzed someone in, she’d locked her apartment door behind her. If anyone had picked the locks, she would have heard the door open, thanks to the squeaky hinges that the landlord insisted weren’t his problem. No one would have entered without Ralie’s knowledge.

“Who’s there?” she demanded again.

The voice laughed. “Take your mirror out of the box and have a good look at what you’ve given yourself.”

The mirror. Of course. Technology would have made it easy for someone to install a recording or even a two-way radio in the mirror’s frame. A gimmick on the part of the Spellbound Treasure staff, maybe, to con people who believed magical items existed. She carefully lifted the mirror out of the box, surprised at its light weight, and leaned it against the table again. With her fingertips she explored the frame. She found nothing that would explain the voice.

For the third time, she asked, “Who’s there?”

This time, she received no answer.

“I’m overtired,” she muttered. “And overexcited about this showing up so soon. Imagination took over, that’s all.” She picked up the mirror. “Let’s hang you up where you belong and see how you look.”

And let’s stop talking to inanimate objects, she added to herself.

She carried the mirror into her bedroom. On the wall opposite her bed, a nail jutted out, left over from something the previous tenant had hung. The nail was at the perfect height to hang the mirror, with a little space left between the bottom of the frame and the floor, and looked strong enough. Carefully, she lifted the mirror, and almost let go of it in shock when it seemed to pull itself onto the nail as if magnetized.

As if the mirror knew where it belonged.

She adjusted the mirror and stepped back to make sure it hung straight. Her own face stared back at her for a moment, and then the image of a man appeared.

With a gasp and a pounding heart, Ralie whirled around. No one stood behind her. Again she reminded herself that no one would be able to enter the apartment without her knowledge.

Yet when she looked at the mirror again, the man’s image remained.

He looked a bit older than Ralie, late twenties, perhaps, and wore his hair pulled back. His eyes were a shade of green she had never seen before, and lashes as long as her own rimmed them. His clothing, pants and a tunic in shades of brown and green, resembled something from medieval times, and a scabbard hung at his side. Random junk surrounded him, as if he stood in a warehouse or store.

“Hello?” Ralie said tentatively.

The man didn’t appear to hear her. He turned his head and spoke, apparently to someone beside him. She didn’t hear his words.

When he faced the mirror again, his eyes widened, and he put his hand against the glass. The image faded, and Ralie’s own reflection returned.

“It’s official,” she muttered. “Ralie, you’re losing your mind. Too much time alone.”

“You aren’t alone,” the cool voice from before informed her.

Right. Because I have a magic mirror that talks to me. “I’m not listening.”

Hands over her ears, she stomped out of the room to the accompaniment of laughter.

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