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Author(s): B. L. Bates

Drinking this ice from heaven could open the gates to hell

Ice from an asteroid brought in from the belt is found to contain vitamins and minerals invigorating the human metabolism and bringing improved health. It becomes the newest nutritional fad, selling world-wide. But the ice also contains an alien virus capable of altering human DNA, causing humans to lose their individuality, their will, and perhaps even their souls. Can four infected individuals find a way to stop the process before humanity is lost?

"It's worse than that." Tanya rubbed her temples. The mother of all headaches waited in the wings, ready to pounce.
            "How so?" Colonel Frade said.
 "A computer simulation indicates AsterIce has spread to every known water source on the planet through drainage, evaporation and condensation. Using some process we don't yet understand, the additions to AsterIce multiply when added to normal water, even sea water."
           "All of Earth's waters are now… polluted by the virus?" Richard stared at Tanya.
 She met his eyes, closed hers, and nodded.
            "What percentage of the population will be affected by it?" Virginia asked.
Tina, seeing her mother's agitation, brought her a glass of water.
            "One hundred percent." Tanya gulped the water Tina handed her.
"All this scientific jargon has me muddled. In English, please. What does this all mean?" Colonel Frade said.
            "In addition to the vitamins and minerals in AsterIce, there is what we originally thought to be inert organic matter. It turns out we were wrong."
 "How so?" Watts said.
        "The inert matter is actually a shell containing an alien virus.
"Tests have shown the AsterIce virus is originally passed to its subjects through the digestive system. The virus is then released in the stomach, where the outer shell is removed by our digestive acids. The virus spreads into every cell in the human body. This leads to a build-up in the lungs."
            "So, now the virus can become airborne." Richard's visage looked grim.
"Not quite. By the time symptoms begin to occur, the lungs are filled to capacity with the virus. The
question is not when will it begin, but how long has it been going on? Also, how many of us are infected?"

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728503
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 02/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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