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Love Storm

Author(s): Jessie Colter

Having called on Cupid for some Valentine’s Day loving, Adara is more than a little surprised when Thor is thrown into her path. The prickly Senior rescues her after she runs her car off the road, and what she’d always thought was an intense dislike of her, turns out to be something more. Is it possible that Thor more than likes her? What’s a girl to do when the guy of her dreams suddenly takes notice?


I couldn’t believe that I’d cast that ridiculous spell with Amber and Leigh. Calling on Cupid! I felt stupid just thinking about it, but really, I was that desperate. I hadn’t had a real relationship in all of my eighteen years and I was long overdue.

Pulling my Toyota into spot in front of Pages to Pages, I hurried into the small bookstore. I’d ordered a special edition book on mythology and Annabel had called to let me know it was in. It was still chilly for February, but I was thankful not to need a hat and scarf any longer. December had yielded some of the oddest weather for my small Alabama town. Navarre Falls wasn’t exactly known for its white Christmases.

I smiled at Ms. Ellen. “Good morning!”

“Good morning, Adara. Enjoying our sunny weather today?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m here to pick up my book. Annabel called and said it was here.”

“Yes, dear, I believe she left it right here.” Digging around under the counter, she produced the massive volume with a triumphant smile.  “Here it is!”

I dug my wallet out of my purse while she rang up my purchase.

“That will be twenty-five dollars, dear.”

I handed her correct change and waited for my receipt. With my book in hand, I waved goodbye and walked back outside. I dropped the book off in my car, but I wasn’t ready to go home just yet. My mother was on another tear about cleaning the house. Not that it wasn’t already spotless, but she was anal enough that she was vacuuming the doorframes. I wanted to be anywhere but home.

With my hands shoved in my jacket pockets, I window shopped, stopping in front of Cait’s Boutique. The cutest dress was hanging in the window, but it was probably out of my price range. Most of the things in Cait’s were out of my budget. Still, I loved to go in and look every now and then, and if I caught something on sale, I’d buy a top or pair of jeans when I could. I only worked part-time during summer so I had to stretch my money.


I turned and saw Amber heading my way.

“Hey,” I said with a smile.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Have you heard anything else from Leigh?”

I shook my head. Honestly, I was worried about our friend, but I was trying not to think about it too much. “You?”


“Maybe we should do something, you know, to think about something else for a while.”

“Like what?”

I shrugged. “A movie?”

“Sounds good. I’ll drive.”

With Navarre Falls being so small, it didn’t take long to reach the movie theater, and with so few movie options, even less time to make a selection. The movie worked – it took our minds off Leigh and the situation with Rune, but only for as long as the movie lasted. Once it was over, we were worried once more. Until we reached the town square again anyway.

“Is that… is that Leigh?” I asked in shock, pointing to a kissing couple outside of the jewelry store.

“And Ryan!” Amber exclaimed.

We had to look ridiculous with our mouths hanging open and our eyes about to bug out of our heads. When Leigh came over, my jaw snapped shut and I listened patiently, but I couldn’t believe it when she said that Ryan wasn’t really her twin brother like we’d always thought. It was a little too much to grasp.

With a look at Amber, I got out of the car. I was still shaken by what I’d seen and heard, but I trusted Leigh.

“I’ll see you later, Amber. Mom should be done with her cleaning frenzy by now.”

“See ya.”

I slowly walked back to my car, not really paying attention to where I was going, until I slammed into someone. Looking up, I realized too late that I’d unwittingly run into Thorvold Sokki, the one guy in school I wanted to avoid.

“Watch where you’re going, Adara,” he growled, lightning snapping in his eyes.

I’d always convinced myself it was a trick of the light, but there were times I wondered. I tipped my head all the way back to look into his stormy gray eyes, forcing myself not to flinch at the anger I saw in their depths.

“Sorry, Thor. I have a lot on my mind and wasn’t paying attention.”

He grumbled something and pushed past me.

With a sigh of relief, I walked over to my car, looking over my shoulder once. I was surprised to find him watching me, an intense look in his eyes. If only I knew what it meant. Thor wasn’t someone to toy with. While I didn’t think he’d ever hurt me, he also had a reputation at Waite Hills High, a bad one.

I unlocked my car and slipped inside, a shiver shaking my body from head to toe, and it didn’t have anything to do with the weather. After I started the car, I backed out of the parking space and headed home, anxious to get away from Thor and the odd feelings he always evoked in me. Dealing with my neurotic mother was better than dealing with Thor.

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Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 02/22/2013
Publisher: JCS Books

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