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Two-Piece Tease

Ryker's Pet

Author(s): Cooper McKenzie

Waking up to a mental nudge from Master Ryker to call in sick to work, Jade Dennis finds herself racing around to get ready for an unexpected visit from her Dom. When asked, his request is that she wear something to entice him. She chooses something she’s never been brave enough to wear before. She chooses a silk and lace outfit with a secret that she hopes Ryker will discover and enjoy to the max.  

Will Ryker punish her for breaking his rules about security? Will their mental and physical connections continue to grow stronger? Will he ever let her come?

The first text was short and to the point.

Need to see you ASAP.

Her pussy clenched, her nipples beaded, and a deep, intense need for Ryker filled her. She had become addicted to her dominant Master and his unique ways. She smiled as she wondered what he was planning and for just how soon. It could be anything from a picnic in the parking lot to having her sit in his truck wearing only one of his T-shirts so he could play with her tits, clit, and cunt while he drove around town running errands.

As the fingers of her left hand advanced to the next message, the ones of her right brushed over peak of her right breast, causing her to gasp as nerve endings of that nipple shot pulses of electric fire straight to her clit. A similar touch to her left one provoked the same response.

The second note was longer, but more ominous in tone.

Pick you up in one hour. DO NOT come before then.

At once her fingers spread, cupping the entire generous mound of her breast. She hoped to keep the arousal from growing out of control, though her thighs were already shifting and pressing against one another, putting a delicious, arousing pressure on her pussy lips and, in turn, her clit.

But the need from not seeing Ryker in five days did not subside so she was forced to lift her hand from her body to keep from driving herself to orgasm. Pulling up the third message, her eyes widened as she read it.

Call in sick to day job. Bring what you need for tonight’s shift at the bar.

Jade responded in the only way she could where Ryker was concerned. Hitting the reply button, she quickly typed “Yes, Master” before hitting send.

Good girl,
came through the mental link accompanied by a dark, sexy chuckle. The sound caused Jade’s pussy to clench to tight she had to roll onto her back and spread her legs to cool her pussy down.

Turning her head, Jade realized she needed to get out of bed and moving as she only had about fifty minutes before Ryker’s arrival.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0270-4
Date Published: 03/21/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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