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Love Goddess Brands Her Cowboy, The

Author(s): Raven Knight

Yeeha, Ride a cowboy or two if you are up to it!

Star just happens to find a cowboy or two of her dreams. Not only from another planet, Star just happens to be the chocolate in a vanilla relationship of two men. 

Talk about complications; find out what happens next as The Love Goddess Brands Her Cowboys!

“The only surefire way to keep someone of my species from being able to…take advantage of me is to be with a human man. Humans repel men from our planet and they can’t perform with us while we are with a human.”

In spite of his discomfort, he burst out laughing. The story was too ridiculous. “So having sex with a human man will save you,” he said, aware that he sounded amused.

“I was sent here for a reason. My mother sent that message to me. You are the right human to help me and I can heal you.”

“Heal me.” He smiled. “Listen beautiful, I won’t get involved with another woman for a long time. And much as I appreciate your offer to heal me,” he said, the mental pictures of that driving him crazy as he thought of her soft lips wrapped around his dick, “It’s not necessary. I’m fine. Sorry.” As he watched her pout and swallowed a groan. Why him? Why tonight?

“But we need each other. I know you can feel it, Chad,” she said persuasively, and her dark eyes glistening with tears that drew him in. He was about to just quickly escort her to his guest room, when she deliberately struck a sexy pose, tossing her hear, thrusting her chest out. He couldn’t breathe as he watched her smooth, dark skin that glistened, highlighting her plump tits, generous hips and long, long legs. Her legs seemed to go on forever. He gulped.  Frozen, he lifted his gaze to meet hers again feeling an attraction he didn’t want to fight as she drew him forward in an almost mystical way. He thought he saw stars circling around her head, but knew that was impossible. He had to be drunker than hell. It seemed that beams of light from her eyes would not let him go and her exotic scent intoxicated him. “No,” he managed to choke out as he stood before her. “I shouldn’t.”

She lifted her lovely red lips, batting her eyes. “Yes. You should.”

“Oh, damn, common sense!” Against his will…at least, it was certainly against his better judgment, he stepped up to her, wrapped his arms around her soft, damp skin and pulled her into his hard body, his cock throbbing madly. “I’ve lost my mind to your beauty,” he mumbled, agonized, just before he kissed her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0271-1
Date Published: 04/11/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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