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13 Ways for Halloween

Author(s): habu

Warning: Graphic Gay and MF Erotica

If you are up for a Halloween treat of open-minded, unguarded readings of scare-season stories, this ménage anthology collection from the wildly imaginative pen of hab is for you. The stories in this collection take Halloween-inspired cuts at stories that combine horror, erotica, nonerotica, literary fiction, gay male, historical, interracial, supernatural, Romance, lesbian, cougar, vampire, transexuality, cross-dressing, humor, cuckold, masturbation, toys, voyeurism, treachery, and . . . whew . . . satire. Oh, and men and women.

And, yes, we know there are fourteen stories in this thirteen-story anthology.

This is the season of nothing being quite what it seems.


As soon as shed come out on deck, though, Ellen decided this had been a mistake. It was so dark out here and shed felt as she walked toward the bow of the ship from the stern that she was being watched.

And now she thought she heard the scrapping of shoes on the deck behind her.

She turned. Yes, there was someone there. Tall and dark. Dressed in black. In fact all black. A black man. And one of some height and build.

Ellens throat constricted. She couldnt help it. Shed moved to Atlanta from New Mexico. There hardly were any blacks in Albuquerque. But there certainly were in Atlanta. And she didnt live in the best of neighborhoods. She knew she shouldnt be frightened in the presence of a person of colora man, mainly; black women didnt bother her. Black men frightened herand something else, too, though. They intrigued her, in a sensual, what if way. But this only frightened her more.

She thought now that she recognized him from the costume partyas much as a stranger in a mask and costume could be considered recognized. And she had to admit that this was one reason shed retreated from the party. Hed been tallalmost overpoweringand decked out all in black. A pirate, she thought. And it seemed like hed been watching her and was moving ever closer to her as he moved around the party room floor in a seemingly random manner.

And there he wasout on the deck. Maybe following her. She quickened her steps and came around to the plate glass doors of the casino near the bow of the boatand ran right into a tall, masked man in a Harlequin costume.

There you are, Ellen. I searched for you at the lounge but didnt find you.

It was Riyadthe intriguingly handsome Saudi businessmen who had been assigned to her dining tablethe one that Stephanie had said, with some regret, had the hots for Ellen. The man who had kissed her hand as she sat at the table on the previous two evenings that the ship was steaming toward Puerto Ricoand then, just this afternoon, had leaned down and brushed her lips with his before he left the tablemuch to Stephanies obvious chagrin, with the whisper of just one wordLaterwhich seemed to be saying so much more than the one word. And that had seemed to be taking so much for granted. Riyad had already conveyed the impression that he prized himself highly and took what he took as if by some right of being Riyad.

Riyad. Im so glad She didnt have a chance to tell him why she was glad to see him and . . .

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-921879-74-6
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 05/24/2014
Publisher: BarbarianSpy

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